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10 keys to workplace excellence.

Amazing as it may sound, there are only 10 keys that distinguish Best-of-the-Best organisations. What makes your company a company an employer of choice?

If you want to be an employer/manager of choice or a successful business, it’s all in your organisation’s attitude.

Using these 10 keys to workplace excellence allows you entrance into the exclusive territory of the employer of choice.

Here are the 10 Keys to Workplace Excellence:

1. A compelling, Positive Vision with clear goals:

The company is clear on the organization’s goals and future direction.

2. Open communication – the right stuff at the right time:

Managers and supervisors seek the opinions and thoughts of the employees who work there. Management communicates when good/bad things happen to the organization in a timely manner and keeps employees informed about the organizations plans.

3. Select the right people for the right job:

The Organization hires the most qualified candidates possible. New employees are carefully orientated to “the way we do things around here.” The Company promotes qualified, well-trained employees to management.”

4. We’re on the same team:

The company places a high value on team work and each department works well as a team.

5. Cool stuff – Continuous improvement and innovation:

The company encourages employees to take initiative to improve quality in their area of expertise. People are expected to come up with innovative ideas. Employees are recognised when they come up with innovative ideas.

6. Recognise and reward excellent performance:

The company appropriately rewards the highest achievers. When someone performs well in the organization others are informed of the success. Employees feel appreciated for their contributions to the company.

7. Accountability Counts:

Job Responsibilities at the company are clearly defined. Performance reviews provide employees with feedback that helps them learn, grow and improve their performance.

8. Every employee learns and grows:

The company places a high value on training and educating employees.

9. Problems….NO problem!

Employees need to solve the problems. When conflict arises it is resolved in a timely manner. Problems are identified and handled in the early stages.

10. It’s all about the customer:

The company places a high value on exceeding customer expectations. Employees can freely communicate up the ladder to get answers to customer requests. Employees have the tools and equipment I need to do a good job.

These 10 keys to workplace excellence give companies a distinct competitive advantage in the market: Because of their particular relationship with management and the organisation, their employees are willing to expend a discretionary effort. Basically, because the employees ‘get’ more, they ‘give’ more.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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