Decorating with Pattern

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Decorating with Pattern

Reasons to Use Pattern in Your Room


Patterns are an important decorating tool, and whether you prefer quiet patterns or bold patterns, every room should include a few. We use them strategically for all sorts of reasons, so we thought we’d share why you need to work them into your design plan.



One of the more obvious reasons to use a pattern is that you can use them to express your personality. The colors, the type of pattern, and the application of the pattern all say something different about you, your family, and your home. We’re big believers that your home should represent who you are, so we encourage you to find a print that speaks to you and have fun with it!

Change with the Seasons

Patterns evoke a certain feel, and if you like the idea of switching things up from season to season, a pattern can certainly help you do that. Perhaps you use throw pillows in vibrant florals during the summer, then switch to plaid pillows during the fall.



Perks Up Neutrals

Neutrals are an important element in a room. After all, not every item in your space can be a pattern. But together, patterns help perk up neutral elements, working together to create a balanced space. In the bedroom above, we chose a simple neutral performance fabric for our club chair, but a more colorful bench at the end of the bed helps bring life to the bedroom. A neutral bench wouldn’t have had the same effect. These two pieces work together to make the room practical and also packed with personality.




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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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