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5 Fashion essentials for your wardrobe

The inimitable Coco Chanel used to say: “fashion fades; only style remains the same.”  Start by investing in some basic items that will never grow out of style and that you can reinvent according to your mood and match to your personality. It’s time to create the perfect wardrobe with essentials that will never let you down.

The little black dress

You absolutely can’t go wrong wearing it. It’s the epitome of minimalist chic and is perfect for any occasion. Its colour instantly erases all your extra pounds and its shape guarantees extreme femininity. You simply can’t go without one!

There are as many styles as there are body shapes… but whether you go for the short version, the one-shoulder, the bustier, straps or not, princess cut, baby-doll or extra-long, always pick quality fabric (avoid shiny fabrics which can look cheap or stretchy fabrics which do not age well) and always pick a deep, intense black.

The white shirt

A white shirt immediately brightens up our complexion and outfit. It’s never dull and you can wear it with everything and it plays the part you want it to. Buttoned up, it shows your good-girl side, half-opened it discreetly reveals your cleavage and when worn long it can help to hide undesirable curves. A real must-have!

To find the Great White Shirt,  you  need to opt for a good quality, fairly thick cotton in immaculate white with a simple classic shape, discreet buttons and a straight collar.

A pair of jeans

The great Yves Saint Laurent thought they possessed all qualities and wished he had invented them himself! How right he was! These are trousers like no others because they’re practical, sexy, timeless and suitable for both day and night. They have a first-class ticket to our wardobe!

Not all body shapes can get away with wearing skinny jeans, for example… Therefore you must really take your time to choose the ones which will make your figure look its best. Grab a few different cuts before heading for the changing room: straight, slim, boot cut, flare… and when you find the one of your dreams, stay faithful to it!

A pair of black trousers

They’re just what we need in a fashion emergency! When you don’t know what to wear and you’re running out of time, slip into a pair and suddenly the emergency’s over. For a job interview, a party without a specific dress code, an art opening… they’re always perfect! And they even make us look slimmer. Meet your new best friend!

Try on as many styles (high or low waist, straight legged, bell-bottoms, harem trousers, leggings…) as necessary to find the perfect fit. Go for fabrics which won’t stretch after the first wash.


To add that dash of sophistication to your wardrobe a blazer is a major essential. There’s one for every season and every event. Basic black ones are a must have though!
Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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