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March 9, 2018
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8 Clever storage ideas for the home

When it comes to order in the kitchen usually all of us are trying to keep it in the highest level. But when you have good organisation for all stuff in the kitchen you will have a clean and shiny kitchen.

Every day life is active and each spare moment you can press in the day is useful. These smart suggestions will have you marveling, “Why didn’t I bring to mind that before?”

Peg Board Storage

Pegboards have long been a favourite practical storage solution for studios and workspaces.

Peg boards are suitable for the kitchen, study, children’s room or hallway, the new Peg-it-all can be cut to size to fit any awkward space such as a kitchen splashback or under the stairs.

Put a lid on it

The cupboard for storing your pots often end up being a mess with pots and lids not being stored properly.

Store kitchen items like pot lids on the back of cupboard doors using towel racks and gravity! This would work for those bulky utensils that won’t fit in the drawer too.

Plastic container cupboard

Are your kitchen cupboards or drawers overflowing with food storage containers and lids that come tumbling out whenever you try to find one?

Any lids that don't have a matching container, or vice-versa, any that are looking grotty or 'past it', then get rid of it! Be as brutal as you can, considering whether you need and use each one.

Use the drawers

Clutter quickly accumulates on kitchen counters, and before you know it, there is no space to work. Clutter on counters also takes longer to clean and is far more difficult to keep neat.

Keep your cooking utensils neatly stored away until you want to use it by creating a custom storage space in a cupboard near the stove.

Chopping boards

You get to free up all that space on the bottom of your cabinet, and the tension rod lets you line up your spray bottles neatly.

You can find what you need instantly, and you no longer have to shuffle everything around just to get it out and use it. Putting it back is just as easy.

Easy to reach open shelves

Open shelves provide plenty of storage while keeping everyday serveware, pots and pans within easy reach.

For the true chef, built-in knife slots in this kitchen's butcher-block island keep culinary tools handy.

Spice up your life

Storing spices in a drawer rather than a wall-mounted rack ensures seasonings are handy for cooking while preserving their delicate flavors by protecting them from sunlight, moisture and heat.

Washing up storage

To really maximize the storage in your kitchen, put unused areas to work. Typically, the "drawer" in front of the kitchen sink is just a false front, but with the addition of cleverly hidden hinges and a stainless steel tray, it becomes out-of-sight storage for wet sponges and scrub brushes.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.