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8 Ways to add a TV into the bedroom

The bedroom is the space which is not just used for sleeping anymore these days. It has no doubt turned into a cocoon of many activities under one roof. It is like second home for every couple or individual being in your residence. Incorporate your bedroom with more of comfort; address all your needs with practical and intelligent designing.

Well-Placed Media Cabinet

It's important to situate your television set an appropriate distance from where you'll be watching it most often. Here, the TV sits near the foot of the bed, so a movie-watching marathon won't result in eyestrain.

TV on an Adjustable Post

Instead of wall-mounting a super-size flat-panel in the bedroom, why not select a smaller model and place it closer to you? In this setup, an adjustable post at the base of the bed allows the viewer to rotate the screen to the desired position or lower the unit when the tube isn't in use.

Room Divider with TV

If you have a particularly large bedroom or a loft-style floor plan, a room divider can be a great way to break up the space. Consider wiring the dividing unit so you can add a TV set, speakers, and other electronics.

Non-Competing Focal Points

Although the TV in this bedroom is large, it isn't the first thing your eye settles on. Instead, a beautiful fireplace and hearth are the focal points. The designer thoughtfully situated the television high on the wall so it can be seen from the bed without stealing the show.

Retractable TV

When a TV is switched off, it can be rather unsightly in a well-decorated room. Increasingly, designers are opting for systems that hide the television when it's not in use. Here, the TV folds back, and the framed mirror slides in front of the screen.

Customize Favorite Furniture

Beloved pieces of furniture, such as this Art Deco armoire, can be reimagined as media storage. This piece may once have been used to hang clothing, but with the addition of a few shelves, it finds new purpose as a graceful home for the television set and DVD collection.

Recessed Spaces

The bedrooms of many new homes feature shallow recessed areas specifically designed for a flat-screen TV. Oftentimes, however, the homeowners' television is too small or large for the space. A carpenter can easily enlarge the opening or create a new recessed area in an older home. Just be sure the space provides enough support to hold your set.

Small Space Solutions

Even tiny bedrooms can accommodate a media center. Start by selecting a shelving unit or armoire that is proportional to the room, then add a television. This ensures the TV isn't too large for the space.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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