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July 22, 2016
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July 22, 2016
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A Purpose with Hirsch’s

Hirsch Meadowdale recently hosted its monthly Ladies Networking Morning with Petra Laranjo as the guest speaker for the morning. Petra is a published author, inspirational speaker, results architect for business and a personal development facilitator who is driven by a purpose to grow business and people through purpose and presence. Eighteen years of experience across the style, entertainment, corporate marketing and PR industries led her to write her first book, ‘LIVING ON PURPOSE. The Key To Change Your Life And Impact Others.’

Petra is also the winner of this month’s Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Competition.

Petra’s topic for the morning was ‘Image’. The message behind the topic was to grow you and your business by creating the right image in the minds of your clients.

Petra explained that all it takes is a tenth of a second to form a first impression of a stranger and it takes eight positive interactions to change the opinion of someone. Petra then asked the questions; “How do you see yourself? What messages are you communicating about yourself?” The reality is that people treat you based on how you project yourself. It is important to know yourself and who you are.

If you would like to be inspired, find your purpose in life and grow your business, join Hirsch’s monthly Ladies Networking Morning. To enter the Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Achiever Competition, please contact for more information. The monthly finalists wins a R500,00 Hirsch gift voucher.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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