Alan Mulally’s Business Successes

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Alan Mulally’s Business Successes

 Alan Mulally shares ideas he has used in all his business successes and that will work for you at work and at home when you apply them: 

  1. The purpose of life is first to love, then to be loved. 

  2. The purpose of business is to create value for your business, where customers are willing to spend their hard earned money with you.

  3. First, you must create products and services that have appeal to customers.

  4. Second, you need to continually improve the products and/or the way the products are delivered to your customers. That way, you can create better margins and ways to make your business more profitable.

  5. The sequencing of creating a “great cake” is critical: first is the thought; then the item or service; then how to make it better. And the same is true for loving and then being loved. Love first, then be loved. 

  6. To serve others is really to live. 

  7. Working together is critical for creating a successful culture and high impact teams. By working together with others, you can make the greatest contribution to the largest numbers of people.

  8. Work to have an integrated, impactful life. 

  9. To create great results, start with people first, love them up, and make them feel valued.

  10. Come together around a compelling vision. 

  11. Get a plan to achieve the vision and stick to it.

  12. Make sure everyone knows the plan. 

  13. Be relentless in your actions to achieve the vision. 

  14. Leaders are always seeking continuous improvement and are committed to life long learning.

  15. Make a commitment to get everyone on the team focused on excellence; then get them excited about the vision and working together to make it a reality.

  16. Once you get a plan that works, you tweak it to get it to be an even better plan. 

  17. Real business success is data driven! What do the numbers say?

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Margaret Hirsch
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