Bags to Elevate your Look

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Bags to Elevate your Look


We all know the value of a functional and stylish bag. It elevates your entire ensemble and makes you look professional and powerful. However, what constitutes a work bag depends on what you do for a living. For young executives, I know it’s always a challenge to find the perfect bag for work because there are just too many options to choose from.

If you travel regularly (be it in or out of the country) you probably require something that is big enough to fit your laptop. For those of you who have to commute for a long period of time to work, you might need something mid-sized — big enough to fit your books and gadgets whilst still being compact enough so that you can maneuver easily on a crowded train.

Finding out what you like to carry is really a matter of trial and error. Remember that all bags look stunning and to-die-for in the store, right up until you fork out the cash to pay for it. Don’t cave in just because a certain bag is on sale, or you think you can ‘try to make work’.

Bags for work must be functional and serve a purpose. But I know that the idea of the black-boring-but-necessary office bag is growing pretty stale by now. So here are some of our best recommendations —they are anything but boring— for every type of occupation.\

  1. Finance / banking / law (anywhere coporate that requires a suit)

Young ladies, sleek and structured is the way to go. I know it might be a little on the safe (and boring) side but you’re just starting out and it’s important to let your work take centre stage.

Don’t draw too much attention to your clothes and accessories to keep the drama on a down low. Tip: If you want to come across as more amicable, you can try to swap out the go-to black for a bag in a shade of soft grey instead.


  1. Tech

In a world where sweat suits are power suits, and meetings are held in a circle of bean bag chairs, you can afford to be more casual and laid back when it comes to your outfit. Creativity and innovation are more important skills to show off, so don’t go too over-the-top with your bags.

But this is probably one of the rare offices where you can get away with a backpack! The benefit of this is that backpacks are functional and easy to use. Pick one with some detailing to show your personality.

  1. Fashion 

Probably the most judgmental industry to work in, where you will only receive an approving nod from your boss if you are carrying the latest bag that the fashion circle is currently obsessed with. Nah, I am just kidding. Whilst it’s not that harsh, you have to remember that in this industry, your style is an extension of your personality.

Of course you don’t have to dash out and spend your last dollar on that trending bag, but it’s good to invest in classic style that can go with most of your outfits. You can also go for under the radar bridging labels that have one-of-a-kind designs to wow your boss!


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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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