July 8, 2017
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July 9, 2017
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Hirsch’s Centurion recently co-hosted a graduation day for Bonaria’s School of Baking and Cooking for their “Fresh out the oven ” chefs. Graduates were judged on the cakes they had to bake, tables they set and also the 3 course meal they had to cook.

COE of the Hirsch Group, Margaret Hirsch, started the event with an inspirational speech.  She was followed by Matshepo Sematle who emphasized how one should always chase their dreams and keep pushing until they achieve their goal. There were 7 types of cakes to be judged based on appearance, creativity and taste.  Theseincluded fruit cake, black forest cake, basket cake, wedding cake, Barbie cake and 2 fondant cakes. The second category was the judging of the table settings and also the 3 course meals.

Mouths were watering as judges tasted a delicious pasta with bacon, tuna, ham and cheese starter followed by a chicken breast, couscous and cream spinach main and ending off with a mixture of ice cream and blue berries!

Certificates were handed out to the ladies who  won, and everyone took home something to remember the day by.

Margaret ended the event by presenting Ana Mahlangu, who trained the ladies,  with a thoughtful gift –  a book she made showing a timeline of Ana’s baking school from the first cake she made, continuing with all the branches she has opened over the years.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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