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Clever bathroom storage ideas

The work and life balance is often tricky to negotiate and find ourselves rushing in and out of the bathroom, especially in the mornings before work.

Keeping the bathroom neat and tidy becomes a task that we don't have much time for. This creates the need for easy yet stylish storage ideas in the bathroom.

Jar it

We all have those small toiletry items that lie around the sink and bathroom surfaces. Here is a stylish way to make your life much easier.

Store all small bathroom items and toiletries in small, medium and large glass jars. This allows for transparency while adding a touch of class to your bathroom.

Simple is sweet

Bathrooms are usually small spaces, with only room enough to do what needs to be done. This doens't mean that the bathroom can't look good.

Use small, wall-mounted pots to introduce fresh plants into the space while keeping the matter of balance in mind. Place rolled up towels in a hand woven basket to maximise on storage without creating extra clutter.

Minimal Modern

There are quite a lot of necessities that needs to be kept on the bathroom basin counter in order for you to get ready for the day ahead, or to turn in for bed.

Clear the basin area by putting up a minimal shelf on the wall next to the basin to store the items needed for your morning and evening routine.

Make it more modern by adding fresh colours like yellow and green in the form of hand towels and flowers

Claim your space

In smaller bathrooms you will often find smaller basin areas, with no storage space underneath.

Use this space to your advantage and ad shelving that sits flush with the basin to extend your storage space.

To get even more out of this newly added space, consider adding hooks to the sides of the shelving for hanging extra items and keep them stored neatly without it getting in your way.

Step Up

Think out of the box and step up with your storage space in the bathroom by using a ladder shelf to neatly arrange and store smaller items that you need on a daily basis.

If the space in your bathroom is sparse, paint the ladder shelf white to give the illusion of more space in the area where you place the shelf.

You can use this space for smaller decoratios like bathroom friendly potplants and picture frames.

Up the walls

Often not having enough storage space in the bathroom can drive you up the walls. Use this as inspiration to literally go up the walls to add more storage.

The space above the toilet is often unused and is a blank canvas for you to add two or three shelves. Arrange items on the shelves neatly and keep it to a minimum to ensure tidy and uncluttered feel in the bathroom.

Place baskets onto the shelves to place things into such as hand towels and other necessities

Art at Heart

Just because the bathroom is a very functional room in the house, doesn't mean you can't introduce art and photography into the space.

Balance out the functionality of your bathroom by adding a few photographs / printed art pieces to lift the room into a more sophisticated space.

Add a plant for some greenery and there you have a bathroom that looks and feels like the pages of a magazine.

Mind the door

Every blank spot in the bathroom holds the opportunity for storage, no matter how big, small or narrow.

Make the most of the bathroom door and turn it into rails for the towels. You can add two or three towel rods onto the door for the different size towels you use in the bathroom.

You can take it one step further by matching the colour scheme of your bathroom ith the towels for an extra touch.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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