February 7, 2017
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February 8, 2017
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Carrots are a superfood. They supply pro-vitamin A carotenes, of which carrots are the greatest vegetable source. The powerful antioxidants found in carrots help protect your body from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Carrots are also great for helping your vision, owing to the high levels of beta-carotene, converted to vitamin A within the body.

Juices, which are home-made, are a great way of consuming those valuable nutrients; they also cleanse the body and alkalize the blood to boost your immune system. using an electric juicer will make this so much easier to prepare.

Serves 4


  • 1 kg carrots, washed and ends trimmed 40 g fresh ginger root, washed
  • 3 apples, washed, stalks removed
  • Ice cubes


  1.  Feed the carrots into an electric juicer on high speed. 2. Add the ginger on low speed.
  2. Add the apples on high speed.
  3.  Stir the juice; add ice cubes, and serve chilled.

Equipment: Sharp knife, vegetable peeler, tablespoon, kitchen scissors,
chopping board, measuring spoon, measuring jug, spatula, jug for serving, tasting cups.

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