December 28, 2017

Spicy Peach and Avocado Salad

Avocado and peach slices get a little something extra thanks to pistachios and chiles. Ingredients 3 tbsp. fresh lemon juice […]
December 27, 2017

Banana Ginger Smoothie

Soothe digestion, heartburn, nausea, and other stomach trouble with the fresh ginger in this natural remedy smoothie recipe. (This is […]
December 26, 2017

Bibimbap with Spicy Steamed Tofu and Fried Eggs

Preparing Dolsot Bibimbap Rice in the oven frees up your stove top for the steamed tofu and egg toppings. Ingredients […]
December 24, 2017

Broccoli & Sun-dried Tomato Phyllo Tart

Serves 6 – 8 6 x sheets phyllo pastry Olive oil to brush pastry 3 medium eggs 250 g crème […]
December 24, 2017

Microwave Fruit Cake

December 23, 2017

Ice Cream Bombe

December 23, 2017


Smoothies are everywhere: at the mall, at fast-food restaurants, in coffee shops. But for the most part, those smoothies might […]
December 22, 2017

Provençal Tartlets

Almost any fresh herb will taste great in place of the thyme and oregano in this recipe, but don’t use […]
December 21, 2017

Shortbread biscuits

December 21, 2017

Pavlova Wreath

December 21, 2017

Deviled Farm Eggs with Cumin, Yogurt, Lime, and Cilantro

Add cilantro, a touch of lime and cumin to deviled eggs and you’ve got some seriously tasty Southwest-inspired hors d’oeuvres. […]
December 19, 2017

Cauliflower Steaks

December 18, 2017

Smoky Vegetable and Wheat Berry Stew.

Wheat berries and dried white beans are cooked directly within this long-simmering soup, lending body and flavor to the broth. […]
December 18, 2017

Smashed Potatoes

December 17, 2017

Barley Salad with Pan-Roasted Carrots and Chickpeas.

Jacob Cowgill of Prairie Heritage Farm is a champion of barley, which he considers an underrated grain. He grows a […]
December 17, 2017

Stuffed Turkey Crown

December 16, 2017

20 Minute Microwave Turkey

December 16, 2017

Ratatouille Turnovers.

A spicy vegetable filling packed in puffed pastry mimics fancy calzones. You can easily increase this recipe to serve more […]