Choosing the perfect desk for your home office

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October 8, 2018
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Choosing the perfect desk for your home office

new traditional home office desk - love the metal and interesting design details!


What’s your style?

The way a desk looks won’t necessarily impact it’s function, but it will change the way you feel about your space.

A home office desk that reflects your style and makes you feel good about your work area makes for a better mood and more productivity.


Love the contrast of the sleek, clean lines of this home office desk against the rustic wood wall.

Sizing things up.

We always stress how important it is to measure before buying any furniture, and that applies to your home office desk too.

  • Measure.  Will the desk physically fit in the space?
  • How about visually? Does it feel in scale with the room size and other furniture (if any) in it?
  • Is the desk surface sufficient for your needs?

Power play.

It’s safe to say that between laptops, phones, and tablets, most of us won’t be able to work for long without a power source.

Analyze your power needs and consider a desk that’s fully equipped with outlets and USB ports to make staying plugged in a piece of cake.

Rustic modern home office desk - love this fresh neutral space!

Have a seat.

Even though the desk chair isn’t part of the desk, it is an essential piece of the puzzle, and may help you narrow your choices.

Style-wise, it can be fun to mix up the look with a “non-office” chair, but some desks may require an adjustable office chair for you to get the right fit.  Best to know this before you purchase.

So, choose your chair and then sit at the desk to make sure the height works for you.

Got storage?

Think about how you’ll be using the desk to determine type and quantity of storage needed.

  • Is a center drawer with a pencil tray sufficient, or do you need more?
  • Will you have files that require a file drawer?
  • How about a center drop front drawer for storing a keyboard?

If you need lots of storage close at hand, a desk with a hutch may be a perfect solution.  And, if your space can accommodate it, having more than one desk allows for even more storage and flexibility.

home office desk with storage hutch. Getting organized.




Thank you blog.schneidermans for this great advice!


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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