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Clean up your laundry room

A laundry room doesn’t have to be that dull, boring place where you only go to throw your dirty socks and t-shirts. You don’t need to be afraid of it. It needs to be comfortable, cool and pleasant and at the same time, highly functional.

Bright Modern Laundry Room

A small chair to reach the upper cabinets, stylish countertops, matching flooring and a desk office facing the yard. Not sure about you folks, but it looks like a dream room — if a laundry room can be one.

Classic laundry room

Classic meets modern. There’s plenty of counter space, cupboard space, and the washing machine setup is sleek. The only think you should worry about is if your mom will ever come out of the laundry room again. Just make sure there’s no TV.

Fashionista’s Laundry Room

A great example of a laundry room done right. With plenty of cabinets and plenty of storage space, this setup gets the eye for breathing stylish from every little corner. Totally appreciate the elevated washer and dryer so that you don’t have to bend over too much.

Traditional Laundry Room

The things we love about this traditional setup are the storage spaces for the laundry sorting baskets, the open shelf, and the hanging bar over the machines. The contrast between the color of the washing machines and the walls and furniture, is just as cool

Sleek Laundry Room

Some of you will call this their favorite laundry room, some would be amazed by the cabinets; “what type of finish or metallic paint is it?”. The sink is close to the dryer and the washer, and there are two different levels of counter space.

Wash and dry space

Good lighting is key to keeping away from a messy room. This one has plenty of it, and on top of that it’s been outfitted with personalized features that accommodate any size family. Also, there are cabinets, shelves and baskets to keep everything within reach.

Soft White Laundry Rooms

The next two designs you’ll see are all about cleanliness and being well organized. There’s plenty of storage space in those cabinets and a minimalist feel — if you can call it that way.

Spacious Laundry Room Solution

When you have too much space to organize a laundry room it can be problematic. Use this as inspiration and it won’t. Totally in love with the wooden cabinets, the closets and the hanging bar for the clean stuff.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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