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Communication is key

How often do you hear the phrase “you never listen
to me” tossed around? That’s because listening has
become something that a lot of people fail to do
well. By failing to listen, we don’t connect with
other people as deeply as we should.

One of the reasons why we fail to listen to people
is because we fail to listen to ourselves. We’re
so busy and so distracted that it’s easy to get
lost inside our own heads and constantly move on
to the next thought, the next task, and the next

But mindfulness can help you achieve the place
where you can learn how to listen. When you fail
to listen to other people, part of the problem can
be because you have something that you need or
that you want to say to the other person.

Your mind is busy formulating how you feel about
the conversation. If you’re someone who struggles
to listen well, one of the key symptoms of this
trait is if you cut people off as they’re talking.

Another sign is if you’ve already decided what to
say while the person is still in the middle of
speaking. You’re more focused on being heard than
you are listening. Mindful listening involves not
allowing yourself to have a preformed opinion of
what the other person is saying before they finish
what they’re saying.

It means paying attention to their words, their
emotions and trying to understand the other
person. When you listen mindfully, it lets the
other person feel safe enough to express what
they’re thinking and feeling because they know
they’re going to be heard.

Someone who is able to be a mindful listener first
learns how to focus within himself. To listen
mindfully means that you tune in to yourself first
and then you’re able to hear others as they need
to be heard.

Mindfulness allows you to be a more receptive
listener and it allows you to show more support
for the other person. When you’re a mindful
listener, it means that you keep your focus on the
conversation without reacting.

You keep control over your thoughts by not
pre-judging the other person’s intent before
you’ve even had a chance to hear them out.
Mindfulness also helps you to keep your emotion
focused on the present with the person you’re
speaking with.

This is especially helpful when you’re talking to
someone that you’ve had issues with in the past.
When you learn the art of mindfulness, it allows
you to first self-focus so that you’re able to
focus on others.

By understanding yourself, you can be more genuine
with other people. There are many benefits to
being a mindful listener. When you do, you’ll find
that people appreciate you more both in your
private life and in your professional life.

You’ll be able to motivate people and handle
conflict more effectively. You’ll also be able to
handle the stress more effectively that can occur
when you’re dealing with people that it’s hard to
communicate with.

Mindful listening will help you be able to clarify
what you’ve heard so there is less
miscommunication at home and at work.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.