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Confidence is about believing in who you are.

I read this in the “Unleash the Winner” book and thought you would enjoy it as much as i did!

Confidence is about believing in who you are whilst at the same time having pride in yourself and things you have accomplished in your life.

Without it life can be very stressful, believe it or not but it will determine how you interact with people in this globalised world of ours.

Today I’m going to usher in a new beginning for you; I’m going to guide you on how to develop self confidence.

Who you are; where you come from and your present circumstance form the basis of self confidence.

In more ways than one they give you a feeling of association and belonging being comfortable in one’s own skin will save you.

This personal pride will get rid of any thoughts of inferiority and before long you won’t feel when you’re with rich people because you’re poor that comes as a result of a low self esteem.

The reason why we aspire for success is that we all want the sense of achievement that comes from it.

Now why bother achieving successes if you don’t look at them as an indication of your worth as a person. And, oh yes, don’t forget the talents and gifts that you have.

Helplessness is caused by not fully believing in your abilities and this will lower your confidence. Do the opposite and embrace them wholeheartedly, you will see how you easily become freer and more confident.

I’ll let you in a secret. You have the perfect remedy right at your fingertips and it’s your dreams and targets, instead of just letting them bounce around in your head write them down on a piece of paper and go on with your day to day business. If you achieve a goal then scratch it out of your list. With time the list will become smaller and before you know it you’ll be feeling so energised you won’t know what to do. Crossing out the goals you’ve achieved will give you a sense of achievement that is good for your confidence.

Despite what you might have heard people who look at you straight in the eye have a high self esteem and a lot of confidence. People who also keep their head up and don’t look down are again very confident. So next time you interact try practice this little with time you won’t feel small but big in the presence of others. This is a wonderful source of confidence.

If you are looking for some tips on how to develop self-confidence here you’ll find the answer to your problem. I’ll show you three simple steps that you have to take in order to get rid of your shyness and build up confidence. Don’t get me wrong through-the process is simple but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy. However if you are serious about improving your self-confidence, you’ll definitely manage. Now let’s talk about these steps!

1. Know your enemy-analyze your insecurities and create a plan to eliminate them As Sun Tzu said “if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperilled in every single battle”. It’s the same with shyness if you don’t know your main insecurities, it’ll be very hard to fight with you shyness.

How to identify your enemy? Think about situations that make you feel uncomfortable, nervous, insecure. Note them down and analyze them. Which ones have the biggest impact on your self-confidence?

Now that you know your insecurities, it’s time to create a plan to eliminate them. It’s very simple. Let’s take as an example speaking to pretty women. If it makes you feel insecure, it means that you’re not used to it (because you’re avoiding it, right?

To get fid of this insecurity, you have to do the opposite-instead of avoiding it, you have to do it as often as possible. Set a goal to speak to at least one prey women every single day and you’ll get rid of this insecurity in no time! Do the same with every other thing that makes you uncomfortable.

2. Get some help-ask yourself what makes you confident.

To make the process easier, you have to identify things that make you feel confident. It can be music, movies, books, a quote some people or even some kind of sport. Whenever you feel insecure, remind yourself of this thing (or do it). It’s very important to keep your confidence level high all the time-you have to get used to this feeling to make it a permanent change!

3. Improve your self-esteem by improving yourself.

In order to become a confident person, you not only have to get rid of your insecurities, but you also have to become the best version of yourself. The better you are the more confident you feel. The more concentrate on improving yourself the less often you think about your weaknesses.

So think about the person you want to be write down all the attitbutes that person would have get a picture of how you imagine them to look you see, you cannot hit a target you cant see you need to see that person on a daily basis so put a picture up on your mirror and list all the attibutes that perfect you would have and then work towards becoming that person every single day and let today be the day you take the first step!

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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