Corn & Herb Fritters

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Corn & Herb Fritters


Make a batch of these corn fritters to serve with a roast, grill or

braai, with a salsa, and some crispy bread, they will make you an ever-popular super mom!

Serves 4

750 ml frozen corn kernels, thawed

2 large eggs, beaten

70 g self-raising flour (125 ml)

15 ml fresh chopped parsley

15 ml fresh chopped dill

15 ml fresh chopped coriander

1 small red chilli, seeds removed and chopped

very finely (optional)

Sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper to taste

Extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil (for frying)

1. Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl;

stir well to combine.

2. Season with salt and black pepper.

3. In a large frying pan, add 45 ml oil to the pan.

4. Cook over medium heat.

5. When oil is hot, drop teaspoonfuls into the pan.

Do not flatten; leave as they have landed in the pan.

6. Wait about three minutes to turn over.

7. Cook for a further three to four minutes.

8. Remove, and drain on a paper towel or in a colander lined

with paper towel.


• Add 5 ml baking powder, 2 ml ground cumin, 5 ml ground

coriander and 4 chopped spring onions to the batter; omit

the herbs.

• Add 5 ml baking powder, 125 ml milk; use 100 g

(180 ml) cake flour, and add 125 ml grated Cheddar

cheese and 60 ml Parmesan cheese; omit herbs, but the

parsley makes a good addition.

• Sprinkle with icing sugar for a sweet and savoury

taste sensation.

• Serve with maple syrup on the side.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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