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Curtain Ideas for the bedroom

Dressing your bedroom windows is decorating at its most intimate. Window treatments are foundational to any room’s decorating. And in the private retreat of the bedroom, window dressings reveal our attitude on everything from privacy to pampering.

Perfectly Tailored

Here, simple white shades get a boost of color with a classic, ocean-blue border, which complements the clean, coastal theme in this bedroom.

Creative Panels

In this gray living room, fretwork panels are painted pure white to create a stunning window treatment. The geometric pattern casts an interesting shadow on the wall while still ensuring privacy.

Send a Message

Have fun with your window treatments. These easy, roll-up shades get a boost of personality with a message and simple, black trim.

Touch of Luxury

To give a casual dining room a more luxurious feel, opt for extra-full silk curtains in a demure blue as in this coastal room. Yards of fabric are needed to give these pin-tuck curtains their volume, and extra length at the end lets the silk puddle slightly on the floor.

Double Duty

These curtains and blinds work together to create a unified look, while each treatment can function separately for light control and privacy.

Feminine Touch

Give Roman curtains a flirty, feminine feel by securing them with ribbons tied in pretty bows at the bottom.

Dramatic Draperies

Match curtains to wallpaper to create a dramatic, cocoon-like dining or living room. For extra personality, fashion a second, complementary fabric on the reverse side of the panel.

Vertical Limit

Vertical striped Roman shades complement the delicate, chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper in this formal dining room. The shades are anchored with a horizontal band of fabric at the bottom and embellished with subtle fringe.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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