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Decorating ideas for the living room

Of all the rooms in the home, the living room is probably the most complex. Its functions are many and, over the years, its titles and roles have shifted more than any other space.

Beyond the Pale

Functional and fabulous, a palette of pale neutrals keeps this contemporary living room clean-lined and inviting, while carefully chosen accessories add a touch of glamour and a whole lot of comfort. Sofas upholstered in functional white linen are dressed with an assortment of silk and brocade cushions in shimmering sage and gold, their iridescence echoed in the striking marbled pattern of the feature blind.

New Blooms

An increasing awareness of all things ecological has focused the decorator’s microscope on the botanist’s art. In this striking living room, a proliferation of flowers, feathers and foliage, all rendered in large-scale graphics and eye-popping hues, constitutes a modern-day adaptation of nature-infatuated Romanticism.

Yin and Yang

Masculine black and white is tempered with a splash of pretty pink in this striking living room, where graphic patterns add on-trend drama. Here, a set of dark-wood shutters throws into stark relief a modern wooden-legged sofa and matching coffee table, both upholstered in simple fawn coloured linen.

Shape Shifters

The interplay of different shapes and silhouettes adds interest to this playful living room scheme whose crowning glory is undoubtedly the focus-wall paint effect.

Pattern in Overdrive

The profusion of clashing prints in this living room is tamed only by the choice of a strictly monochromatic palette. Inspired by a classic conservatory theme, the scheme’s elements include a graphic palm-leaf wallpaper and a set of framed botanical prints

East Meets West

Cool, calm and collected, blue and white is the go-to palette for timeless living rooms and here it is executed with a touch of Asian flair. An ensemble of Chinese porcelain vases and calligraphy style Oriental prints consort happily with a handsome French navy wallpaper and classic mahogany coffee tables to bring dignified style to this smart scheme.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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