Decorating with Leather

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October 4, 2018
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October 4, 2018
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Decorating with Leather


living room with modern brown leather furniture, white walls, gold accents

Leather furniture is durable, comfortable, long-lasting (lasts 4 times longer than fabric on average) and it adds character to a space.  It also adapts well to most any design style.

If there is anything that’s not great about it, it may be that some people struggle to decorate around it.   Especially in the summer or any time when they prefer a space that’s light and/or colourful.

It doesn’t need to be difficult though.  Whether you’re working around brown leather furniture or a sofa upholstered in brown fabric, here are some tips that are sure to help:

1. Brown is a neutral.

The first thing to remember is that brown is a neutral so it really works well with a variety of colours.  It also plays well with other neutrals, so it’s all in the look that you’re going for.

2. Create contrast with white.

White walls are still pretty popular, but you may have wondered whether or not they would actually work with brown leather furniture.  The answer is definitely YES!

Modern space with white walls and brown leather furniture.
We love the interesting contrast of warm, rich leather against light, white walls, and paint is always a quick and easy way to lighten and freshen up a space.

3. Lighter rugs.

It may be tempting to use heavier rugs and warm, dark colours with leather furniture (and that certainly would feel cozy and inviting).

But, if you’re looking for a lighter look, go for lighter, textural rugs like jute and sisal or rugs that incorporate whites, off-whites, or softer, lighter, or brighter colours.

Lighter, brighter rugs in rooms with brown furniture
4. Natural elements.

Plants, items from nature, and texture will always be your friend when it comes to softening and bringing life to a space.

Coffee table and bookshelf decorating

5. Mix with lighter furniture and accessories.

In our farmhouse living room, we used white distressed tables, a fun mix of light neutral and yellow pillows, and a light accent chair to give this brown sofa in leather-look fabric a light and airy feel.

6. Go bold with colour and pattern.

Incorporate a mix of bright colours and patterns to draw the eye around the room. Even one bold colour in various shades and tints, combined with pattern and textures, can make a big impact!

(In this space the white in the walls and accessories also help to lighten the look of the brown furniture.)

Living room with white brick walls, brown leather-look furniture, pops of bold color


Thank you blog.schneidermans for these great tips!

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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