Dorothy van’t Riet – Firmly in the Spotlight at Decorex SA

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August 6, 2018
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August 6, 2018
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Dorothy van’t Riet – Firmly in the Spotlight at Decorex SA


Dorothy Van’t Riet is excited to announce that she has been selected as this year’s featured Spotlight Designer for Decorex 2018.

Dorothy will be celebrated in the 2018 Decorex Designer Spotlight feature stand. She will be creating an individualised curated living space filled with beauty, style and colour using some of her favourite pieces that evoke a sense of joy in her, as part of her Spotlight Feature stand.

We invite you to join us at Decorex 2018 to visit Dorothy’s feature area and chat over a cup of coffee & carrot cake. Find her stand at the entrance of Hall 5.

Decorex takes place from 8 to 12 August at Gallagher Convention Centre.

The concept behind Dorothy’s featured space

In a frenetic world, we’re constantly assaulted by an excessive amount of negativity, consumerism and mass production.

Dorothy has created an individualised curated living space that counter the chaos of everyday life.

Visit us to see Dorothy’s bold and creative signature style as she uses colour, timeless beauty and individualism to create a space with life, soul and energy; a space that rejuvenates the soul.

Dorothy will be teaming up with some of South Africa’s top brands to create this look, including Home Fabrics, Rudy’s Choice Marble and Onyx Collection, Natural Stone Design (NSD), Forest Flooring, Streamlight, Frank Bohm Studio and Concept Africa.

Dorothy’s view on trends for 2018

One of the best reasons to visit a show like Decorex is to gain insight into upcoming design trends. Be inspired by a few of the trends that Dorothy Van’t Riet will be incorporating into her space.

More is more with colour usage this year. This no doubt resonates with Dorothy’s soul as we have seen her love for colour over the years and she is known to push the boundaries of pattern and colour. According to Dorothy the trends for 2018 are about anything but neutral tones.

Dorothy will be showcasing an extravaganza of colour on a large statement sofa. We see strong curves, velvets and diamond buttoned as big trends this year in sofas. Dorothy has collaborated with Issy Penniken from Concept Africa, the leading furniture and soft furnishings manufacturer in South Africa, creating this beautiful statement sofa.

She will be using a large scale and bold floral print from Home Fabrics; the Designers Guild, new Tulipa Stellata Collection; a new evocative Collection. This collection is a modern interpretation of the Dutch Golden age mastery; a stunning vivid and rich floral, multi-coloured, intense velvet that is used to grace the statement sofa.


Designers Guild has been Dorothy’s favorite Range ever since she started her business 30 years ago. Yes, DVR celebrates 30 years in the Design Industry this year, an amazing milestone.

Aspirational Spaces
According to Dorothy design is about creating an experience and less about spaces to impress the world. It’s about bringing through the client’s personality and creating a space that will make them feel relaxed, energized or intimate.

Statement Wall Art
This trend takes the form of an extra-large piece of art; bold-patterned 
wallpaper or a wall clad in an interesting piece of marble, onyx or strong dark wood.
Dorothy has chosen a spectacular piece of onyx from Rudi’s Choice, Marble and Onyx Collection.
This large statement wall art onyx is 2,8m high by 1,7m wide and will form the backdrop to this Spotlight Designer Stand.



Dorothy has collaborated with Frank Bőhm Studio using his Jozi Furniture Collection to curate some exquisite pieces of furniture. This collaborative team have come up with a magnificent blend of wood, metal and stone pieces.
There is a celebration of furniture pieces on the spotlight Designers stand reflecting the uniqueness of Frank Bőhm’s bespoke, handcrafted award-winning furniture.
According to this formidable team, the trend is for furniture to be lived with and tactilely handled, as texture, touch, simplicity and comfort go hand-in-hand. Innovation and craft are seamlessly joined in this unique language of simplicity.
According to Dorothy there is a resurgence for retro glamour.

Lighting and Metallics
Metals are trending in lighting. Brass is the new popular metal, overtaking copper and rose gold.
Dorothy will be using the magnificent new lighting collections from Streamlight, her preferred lighting specialist, to showcase the use of metals in lighting. For Dorothy and Rodney Fittinghoff, director at Streamlight, they agree lighting plays a major role in Interior Design.
Visit this spotlight Designers stand to view some of the new spectacular Trends in lighting.

Flooring and Geometric Designs
The Geometric Designs and forms are still with us and have a strong presence in the current trends,both in flooring and other design elements.
This will be strongly showcased on Dorothy’s Spotlight stand as she created and collaborated with William Combrink, owner of Forest Flooring, a major player in the wooden flooring industry in South Africa.  They have created a strong herringbone pattern in a specially mixed Mono Coat colour, Dusty Moon, to compliment the other elements on the stand.
To find out more about Dorothy’s views on trends for 2018, be sure to visit us at Decorex.
Dorothy’s Spotlight Feature stand promises to be an exciting, highly energized stand.
Join us from 8th to 12th August to chat about your design needs and the latest Design trends.
Bring your plans with you if you would like Dorothy to take a look at them, as you enjoy a cup of coffee discussing your project with her, or simply just visit her to catch up.


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