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Dressing well is a fundamental principle.

Dressing well is a fundamental principle to completing the look of yourself to the greatest ability.

The fact of the matter remains that few people rarely take time to go the extra mile in making  themselves ” extra presentable”

Some may even brush this attentive manner as “obsessive or narcissistic”. But dressing well isn’t self importance. It’s self respect.

The art of dressing well is an art not dulled by time due to its simple yet highly effective ability to take you from average to fantastic in a matter of minutes depending upon your visual capability to piecing together an effective outfit.

Throughout history, some of the largest historical figures have taken a liking to the incorporation of presentable attire, and this has ranged from renaissance France, barbaric Europe, to overall a majority of the respectable philosophers touted in school classes to this day, and for very good reason.

There’s a specify reason as to why you should even give a shit about creating a halo effect through the appearance of thyself.

We know that achieving the adonis effect through the golden ratio, building aesthetics through progressive overload as a natural trainee, and creating a v taper with broad shoulders is a highly praised look, and one that would clearly bring you respect in the realm of physical representation upon first impressions.

But should stopping there and continuing to wear relaxed fit jeans, sweat pants, and V necks be the bread and butter of your wardrobe? absolutely not.

In order to really put the icing on the cake, a presentable, strategic, and carefully balanced wardrobe should dominate the majority of your closet. This is where we add the cherry on top, and this is specifically what Style with Strength is all about.

We’re combining the best of both worlds in orderly fashion (no pun intended), to bring together a very presentable package in a manner that says you actually care about yourself to make a difference in the world while you follow your own unique journey.

Think about this:

You’re an employer,

Both of the individuals you just interviewed provided the same wit, insight, knowledge for the position provided yet.

Person A took the time to have their suit tailored, shoes wisely chosen, belt matching, and hygiene on point with everything in-between as well looking like he/she cares through the incorporation of a structured exercise regime and sound nutrition

Person B threw on a random suit with no care to really keep it crispy by ironing or tailoring, the belts black, and the shoes are brown, shirt isn’t
fitted and is hanging loosely from the front creating a ” i woke lyke dis” look.

Chances are with a tad bit of actual real world judgment and basic instinct carving its way into the sub conscious thoughts, the employer will surely choose individual A without hesitation.

Its not even that we are programmed to judge harshly based off of appearance because by now you should understand that you can’t judge a book by its cover, nor should we ever feel the need to put someone down based off their clothing choice, since some people truly can’t budget it due to financial responsibilities.

However somewhere down the line, the pay off is almost always worth the investment of a balanced wardrobe ready to face every aspect life has you
attending to.

What we can gather is that a majority of the world is going to instinctively judge you on your outer appearance wether you like it or not, and you might as well invest in yourself and be prepared to clearly increase your chances of a finer opportunity that you wouldn’t receive otherwise.

Purchase and incorporate the following:

  •  Get a haircut every 3 weeks, keep it clean, fresh, and presentable
  • if you have facial, keep it close, neat and trimmed at all costs (go to your local barber / hair dresser)
  •  Navy Blazer ( express, H&M, Zara)
  • Fitted white, grey, navy dress shirt ( H&M is solid for this)
  • Dark blue denim jeans, chinos ( grey, blue, beige, green) ( old navy)
  • Fitted crew neck shirts ( white, blue, black, grey and various colors. (H&M)
  • Double monk strap shoes in brown, oxford dress shoes in brown, Black derby, or simple laced black dress shoes, white sneakers, and chelsea boots
    will suffice. (Aldo is excellent on the wallet)

I’ve just given a you a perfect environment for outstanding potential to create immense outfit combinations to look damn good for anytime.

Best of all?

Majority of it is very budget friendly and won’t rip a hole in your wallet, whilst the variety of the colors and style will provide versatility to keep coming up with unique combinations to present for virtually any occasion.

(Article by Tyler, Style with Strength)

Dress for success, Love always


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.