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August 11, 2017
August 11, 2017
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Dyson supersonic intelligent heat control hair dryer

Today I decided to try the new Dyson hair dryer. I chose today because my hair which is very dyed and treated has been in the sea in Zanzibar for four solid days. So it was in extremely bad condition.


fI took the Dyson hair dryer and the first thing I noticed is that usually it takes me 20 minutes to dry my hair but in 10 minutes my hair was dry.

The dryer is also very light because as you get older the last thing you want to do is use a heavy hair dryer.

Its also extremely quiet. I love to listen to recordings when I am putting on my make up or doing my hair in the morning. Before whenever I put my hair dryer on I have to switch my recordings off. This morning I could continue to listen to my podcast while drying my hair because the hair dryer is so quiet.

My hair which is extremely frizzy on its own, dried completed straight. It was very sleek and there were no fuzzy ends sticking out. The thing that  I noticed most was that my hair was very shiny. My hair is normally quite dull but today it was shiny.

Its probably the most expensive hair dryer I have ever seen in my life, I think its worth it. When you think what you pay to the hair dresser, if you could just buy a hair dryer and your hair can look like this everyday, how much better is this???

I was very privileged to be given a Dyson supersonic intelligent heat control hair dryer which is supposed to give your hair far more shine.

It has a powerful digital motor where the surrounding air is drawn in and amplified three times.

The digital V9 motor which is fast, light and very small. It measures the air temperature before it blows it out and changes the temperature to suit the air.

With the air multiplier technology it works everything out automatically and it gives pulse with modulation to the air which is blown out.

It has annular element construction and specific air flow exit with a glass speed thermistor and intelligent heat control with various heat settings.

It has a powerful digital motor with is tuned and an insulating chamber so that vibration and sound is reduced.

It has a removable filter cage that is engineered for balance and has a cold shot to set styles.

It has a power on and off sliding switch and specific air flow settings and negative irons to ensure that your hair is dried very quickly with no damage to the actual hair.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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