March 3, 2017
March 4, 2017
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Energy attracts energy

The Law of Attraction simply stated says “like energy attracts like energy” and is a result of the vibration you’re in. As stated in the Law of Vibration, everything is emitting a frequency and according to the Law of Attraction, two things vibrating on the same frequency will be attracted to one another.

This means everything, which is in our lives – every person, thing and circumstance – is here because we’ve attracted it to us. That may be difficult to believe – especially if we have a lot of negatives in our lives. However, once we understand this law and take personal responsibility for what we have attracted, it’s an absolutely freeing experience. It means we have the power within us to change what is brought into our lives by changing our vibrational frequency!

How, you ask?

  • I believe it comes down to the following:
  • You must have a definite, detailed idea of what you seek.
  • You must be absolutely certain that you will obtain it – you must expect it.
  • You must maintain a positive and gracious attitude – sending out positive thoughts and energy.
  • You must follow your inner voice to take inspired action.
  • You must be open and ready to receive.
  • You must persist until your desire has arrived.

May You be Blessed with Excellent Health,

Abundant Prosperity and Eternal Happiness!

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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