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Every day is a new game.

Every day is a new game. What you played yesterday will never be the same today, and same applies in the future.

When you start a goal, whether it be for a long run or just a short one, it is always best to start it right. But before taking an action, you must first make some preparations that will be very useful for the ultimate realization of your goal.

You might not be familiar yet with these types of preparations, but these are actually Law of Attraction rituals that can help you kickstart your goal.

1. Meditate

Before doing anything else, remember to breathe in positive energy, thus release all fears, pain and anxiety that may affect your performance.

You may do yoga, listen to music or just sit down on a couch outside your home and feel the cool breeze of air touching your face. Let your mind relax and immerse yourself into a peaceful environment.

You may also write down in a piece of paper all your fears and worries and burn them. In this way, you are channeling all the negative energies in your mind and heart through a piece of paper and let it separate from you so that all that remains will purely be positive thoughts.

After a successful meditation, it only means that your mind and heart are ready for a new challenge.

2. Create a Milestone Chart

By creating a milestone chart, it only means that your goal is fixed and you’re willing to accomplish it one step at a time.

But first, you must know how to create one.

A bad milestone chart would look like this: I want to write a book.

On the other hand, a good milestone chart would look like this: First, I will create a plot or storyline for my book – Law of Attraction Manifestation Secrets. Second, I will write one chapter per day.

With a milestone chart, you will always be reminded of your goal and thus you would always be aware of you target date to finish it. When you regularly check your chart, you will be more motivated to do your best to accomplish it.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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