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Everything will work out for you

Trust… Believe…and everything will work out for you. 

  • Everything will fall into place 
  • Things will go your way, 
  • You’ll get what you want when you completely trust and believe. 

But when you worry, doubt and stress you show that you don’t trust and you don’t believe and things will get worse.

Worrying is a clear sign that you don’t trust and don’t believe that things will work out.

When you worry, have fear and doubt yourself… you tell your subconscious mind and inner powers that you don’t trust and don’t believe.

So instead of bringing you what you want, they create more situations for you to worry and stress about.

You then end up with more fear and more worry.

All of these create more negative energy which creates more and more negative situations, so life gets worse. And it will keep getting worse until you trust and believe.

Sure you may have some challenges today.

Yes you may have bills to pay, you may need to get a job, you need to make more money, you want a better life and you may feel that nothing is working out for you.

When that happens, take a deep breath, think about how you want your life to unfold, think about what’s important, think about what you really want, tell yourself that you’re doing the right things to make sure everything works out for you.

Then start doing the right things.

Tell your subconscious and inner powers what you want.

Give your subconscious mind, and your inner powers the right instructions, so that they bring you what you want.

So that you do the right things at the right time.

  • Get rid of the fear, worry and doubt. 
  • Get rid of the blocks that are holding you back. 
  • Get rid of all that negative energy. 
  • Start trusting and believing so that you unlock the power of your subconscious mind, so that you free it, and get your powers to bring you more money, better relationships, the right job and the right opportunities 

You have to trust, and believe that you will make the right choices and you will do the right things.

When you trust and believe you create more positive energy. 

And that positive energy forces your subconscious and inner powers to bring you more positive situations so that you enjoy life and get exactly what you want.

At first this won’t be easy, because you’re not used to trusting and believing. But the more you trust and believe the easier life will get.

Your subconscious and inner powers will respond to you sooner when you trust and believe that everything will work out.

They’ll bring you what you want sooner.

  • If you’re not getting what you want, 
  • if you’re not making as much money as you want, 
  • if you’re not in the right relationship, 
  • if you don’t have the job you want, 
  • if you’re not succeeding in your career, 
  • if you feel like you just can’t get ahead then you have a number of negative thoughts and blocks that are holding you back. 

You’re creating more and more negative energy.

And you keep giving your powers the wrong message.

You need to get rid of those negative thoughts, negative beliefs and negative energy.

You need to give your powers the right instructions and you need to trust and believe that everything will work out.

So make this the day you change things. 

  • Today you get rid of those negative thoughts, 
  • You get rid of the negative beliefs, 
  • You get rid of the negative energy, 
  • you stop worrying,
  • you stop doubting, 
  • you stop living in fear and you put an end to the struggle and pain. 

Today you trust and believe that everything will work out.

Today you give your subconscious and your inner powers the right instructions.

You show them you trust and believe. And you get them to bring you what you want sooner.

  • Believe in yourself. 
  • Believe you can live the kind of life you want. 
  • Believe that everything will work out. 

Trust and believe that you will get back on track and that you will get what you want in life.

You are a powerful person. 

You have tremendous power. 

Work with that power.

Direct that power to create a better life,

The kind of life you want.

Now just trust and believing in yourself.

Everything will fall into place.

Anything is possible when you trust and believe… 

Plant the right beliefs on your subconscious and it will bring you exactly what you want. Your subconscious and your powers can create the life you want… you just have to give them the right directions.

Wishing you tremendous success..

Sent with love


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.