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Get clear focus

Get clear, get focused and get your power 
working in your favor. Then you’ll achieve more, 
you’ll have more and you’ll live the kind of life 
you want to live. 

You’ll put an end to the confusion, you’ll eliminate 
the struggle, you’ll get rid of the fear, remove the stress 
and anxiety and life will be easier and more pleasant. 

You just have to get clear, get focused and have 
your power working in your favor. 

This power is working working right now, it must may 
not be doing what you want it to do. 

If you’re not enjoying life, if you’re not making as much 
money as you want, if you want to achieve specific goals 
but always seem to fall short, if you’re worried about what 
might go wrong or concerned about the future or if you’re always 
thinking about what you don’t have or how things could be 
better if only… something were to change… 

Then you’re not clear, you’re not focused and you don’t have 
your power working in your favor. Instead your power could be 
working against you. 

This powers is your subconscious mind and it’s connected 
to the law of attraction. They’re always working together. . 
However, if you’re not taking charge of them, you’re not 
giving them the right information so they keep 
making life harder and harder. 
They’re actually working against you. 

Today I’ll show you how to get clear, get focused and get 
these powers working in your favor so you live the 
kind of life you want to live… 
Your powers can do anything you want, they can 
bring you what ever you ask for, you just have to give them 
the right instructions and the right directions. 

Those instructions are your thoughts, and beliefs. 

You’re constantly instructing your subconscious mind and 
it is always connected to the law of attraction. What you 
think and believe is what your subconscious makes sure is 
brought into your life. 

You may see these thoughts as just the way life is and they 
can be regular every day thoughts and beliefs like: 
I hate my job 
It’s hard to make money 
I’m not good at anything 
I can’t do anything right 
What will happen if… 
Everybody takes advantage of me 

These start off as simple thoughts, and you accept them, you 
think that’s just the way it is. Then you support these thoughts 
with examples of how things aren’t working out for you or what’s 
wrong in your life. 

You keep having these thoughts and after a while you believe them. 
That’s when things go from bad to worse. 

As these beliefs get stronger your subconscious mind connects 
with the law of attraction to make sure your life represents 
what you think and believe believe. These negative thoughts and 
beliefs are seen as your true desires and are sure to manifest. 

So when you have negative or limiting beliefs, the kind that 
say you can’t do something or that something is hard to do, 
or that life is difficult, or that there are no solutions to 
getting  what you want, or that there are no good ways 
to make money, then your subconscious and the law of attraction 
will simply create situations for you that reflect what you believe. 

You’ll end up getting exactly what you don’t want. 

The solution? 

Change your thoughts, and change your beliefs. 
Get focused and clear on what you want. 
By doing that you give your subconscious and the law of 
attraction new instructions and new directions. 

By creating beliefs and thoughts that are in line with 
what you want your subconscious mind and the law of attraction 
will bring you what you want, so that your life reflect your new 
thoughts and beliefs. 

The sooner you change your thoughts and beliefs the 
sooner you’ll get what you want. 

The sooner you eliminate and remove the negative thoughts and 
negative beliefs the sooner you’ll put an end to the struggle. 
Get rid of those negative thoughts and negative beliefs today 
Now get your subconscious and the law of attraction to bring 
you what you truly desire – you start by getting clear and focused 
on what you want – 

Let’s say you want to lose weight. 
But you think and believe it’s hard to lose weight. 
You’ve tried diets, exercising but nothing works. 

You tell your friends that you want to lose weight 
but you’re finding it hard. They agree, and re-enforce 
your beliefs by saying: “Yeah, it is hard to lose weight 
everything is so hard.” And every time you talk about 
how hard it is to lose weight the beliefs get stronger. 
And it keeps getting harder and harder to lose weight. 
You’ll also end up putting on more weight, just so that it gets 
harder for you to lose weight. 

You see your subconscious and the law of attraction think you 
want to have a hard time losing weight. That you want 
losing weight to be difficult, after all that’s what you think 
and believe. So they keep making it harder and harder for you 
to lose weight. 

The same process applies if you think it’s hard to make 
money, or if you think it’s hard to meet the right person. 

All these negative thoughts and beliefs get your 
subconscious and the law of attraction working against 
what you really want. You don’t have these powers 
working in your favor. 

Now you need to change that. 
You have to give your subconscious and the law of attraction 
new directions, new thoughts, new beliefs. 
The kind that reflect what you want. 
So that you get they work in your favor –

You are a powerful person. 
You have tremendous power. 
Start directing and applying that power so 
that it works FOR you, not against you. 
Give your subconscious and the law of attraction the right 
instructions. So they bring you what you want, so you get 
what you want so you live the life you want. 
Start directing your powers today 

Wishing you tremendous success… 

with love


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.