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Happy Mahome’s!

Recently Margaret Hirsch received a request from one of the Hirsch’s customers, Nicole Tozzi. Said Nicole:

“A short while ago my nanny came to me in tears and asked me to please help her to “fix up” a few things at her home in Hammanskraal where her two children, two grandchildren and niece live. My husband and I then went with her one day to have a look and we were horrified at the conditions in which they were living. There was no way that we could have ‘fixed up’ their home and left them living in such poor conditions. We took a large chunk of our savings and bought a ‘ready to go’ container home. However, what we hadn’t considered were the beds. Needing to have two kids in each room, the one room would only be able to take a set of bunk beds. In addition to this the double bed being shared by the other children was very old and falling apart” said Nicole.


Nicole requested help from Hirsch’s in the form of beds and linen for the Mahome family. Hirsch’s immediately got to work in organising donations for this request, and recently set off to Hammanskraal to do the delivery. The bunk beds, donated by Michael Calvin Designs, were assembled and installed – together with 2 single mattresses provided by Hirsch’s. Afterwards the beds – including a double base set – were properly ‘dressed’ with beautiful linen that had been donated by Linen House. Margaret Hirsch kindly donated all the duvet inners as well as toys for the children to play with.

The family was overjoyed and speechless at the generosity that was shown to them. The smiling faces and warm hugs bore testament to their deep appreciation.

A big thank you goes to Margaret Hirsch for making this donation possible and for opening her heart to this needy family.

Thank you also to Linen House for the linen and Michael Calvin Designs for the bunk beds.

With Love



Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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