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November 11, 2017
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November 12, 2017
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It was so exciting to see top young chefs coming together to cook it off at Hirsch’s Head Chef competition that was held at our Umhlanga Branch at the end of October.  The winning pair, Ismail Amos and Havenisha Naidoo were from Capsicum Culinary school in Umhlanga, and it was encouraging to hear from Havenisha about what her dreams for the future in the culinary industry are:

“When growing up, the love for cooking stemmed from my family background, more per say, from  my grandmother.  Food to me is not only an indulgent piece of matter, but an art. It expresses ones creativity, taste, style and respect for the passion of culinary arts. The blends of spices, ingredients and aromas that come together, to create something far beyond extraordinary.

If you want to be a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. Having the opportunity to work with chefs abroad will broaden my knowledge and have a major impact on my future attribute at becoming an all-rounder chef. As known to all, the most wonderful thing in the world for future aspiring chefs is another chef, as learning new things become exciting, inspiration becomes stronger, and pressure becomes positive adrenaline. Working with chefs on a global scale will mould me into becoming an asset to the culinary industry as my undying drive pushes me to become better and better as days passes. Being mentored abroad will be the stepping stone to my future successes, gaining the skill, academic’s and experience will place me on a level of no other, this gained by the most inspirational, well experienced, world-renowned chefs out there.

This is the first step of pursuing my dream, to qualify, travel the world working in kitchens far and abroad, craving the knowledge of various cultures and cuisines internationally, thereafter settling down and opening my own restaurant, serving art on a plate and satisfying the hearts and tummies of many.

I don’t believe it’s about the passion, passion is way too overemphasized and we place too much importance on it. To me it’s about the desire, if you have the constant desire to be a chef, you’ll be an exceptional chef. While people may think being a chef only entails making delicious dishes and pushing culinary boundaries, being a part of the food industry involves much more. And I am so excited to begin the journey of a lifetime.

Thank you
Havenisha Naidoo”

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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