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Here’s how you can have more money in 2018.

First decide how much you want to make and come up with a figure that’s realistic

That means don’t go too crazy and aim so high that your mind rejects the number you come up with.

For example: If you’re currently making 50-thousand a year and you decide you want to make a million rand by the end of 2018 – then that’s a number
that your mind is going to reject and you’ll get all kinds of resistance.

Instead aim for a number that’s just outside your comfort zone.

So if you’re making 50-thousand then aim for something like 60-70 thousand. You could surpass that number and it would be a huge bonus if you did. Yet, if you reached your goal you’d gain some confidence and believe you can make more money.

If you set your sights on a number that’s too high you may give up and feel it’s too hard to make money.

When that happens you create negative beliefs about money and that brings me to the 2nd step.

You have to believe you can make and have more money

Your mind may come up with many reasons why you can’t make and have more money – so you have to change your thoughts and beliefs about money.

As soon as you believe you can make and have more money you can start giving your subconscious mind new instructions – so it brings you more money.

Your subconscious will bring you anything you want you just have to give it the right instructions.

And when it comes to having more money – there are a few simple steps you can follow – start by setting your goals.

Every year I set my own financial goals and I like to aim to increase the amount of money I make by 10-20 percent. Some years I blow past that goal. Other years I’m right on target.

If you did the same after a few years you’d see your money grow like a snowball – starting off small and then growing very quickly.

So decide how much you want to make in 2018 then get your mind and subconscious mind to bring you the amount of money you want

The new money won’t magically appear. Instead, you’ll be guided to the right opportunities to help you make and have more money – it will happen quickly and in the end you’ll make more money than you want.

Now you can make more money in 2018 – set your goals, write them down in the positive,

as if they have already happened, break them down month by month and then work towards them

Wishing you a happy and wealthy New Year.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.