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Socrate’s Secret to Success

There was once a Greek philosopher named Socrates. He was looked up upon by many for his wisdom and in-depth understanding of ethics. A young man asked him what was the secret to success, and was told to meet him the next day at the river nearby.

The next day, Socrates invited him to take a walk into the river. Confused, the man followed him obediently. They kept on heading deeper and deeper, till the water was up to the chest.

Socrates grabbed the young man’s neck, and shoved his head underwater. The man was caught by surprise and shocked for awhile. However, he waited patiently to be brought back up, feeling that there would be some wisdom behind Socrate’s doing. But his head was still firmly pushed into the river. He was losing air, and tried to lift his head up. However, Socrate’s grip on his head was unwavering.

The young man then started to struggle. He pushed with all his might, fighting back violently against Socrates. This was not where he wanted to die.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!”, the young man, enraged and gasping for air, yelled at Socrates.

Socrates replied, “Congratulations, you were successful in finding your breathe again. If you want success, as much as you want air. This is how you should fight for it.”

That was his secret to success.

How badly do YOU want to breathe?

At this very moment, you are underwater. Every challenge and obstacle you face towards your dream is the hand that is pushing you down. Success is so close, yet if you don’t fight hard enough, you will drown in your current situation. If you want success as much as you want air, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Kick, push and fight. We will see you on the surface!

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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