How to Add More Seating to Your Room

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How to Add More Seating to Your Room


Living room with neutral color palette

When you’re decorating a space, it’s essential to have plenty of places to sit. How else are you going to have friends and family over? You certainly don’t want to offer them a seat on the floor. But in most homes, space is at a premium, so if you’re going to work more seating into your room, you’ve got to be sneaky about it. Well, we’re coming to the rescue with 8 ways to bring more seating into your space.

A sofa with a bench seat allows for more seating in a pinch

1. Consider Your Cushion Count

A good rule of thumb is that the number of seat cushions you have is the number of people who will sit on your sofa. One clever trick is to choose a sofa with a bench cushion.  Since it’s one big cushion instead of several smaller ones, your guests will be more likely to squeeze onto the couch because they won’t have to avoid the dreaded cushion crack!

Use an ottoman instead of a coffee table so it can be used as a seat when guests come over

2. Ottomans Over Coffee Tables

Coffee tables play an important role in a living room because they provide space for putting down drinks, snacks, and other necessities. But an upholstered ottoman can play the same functional role, while also being extra seating when guests come over.

A fireplace ledge is helpful when you have guests over because it becomes extra seating

3. Fireplace Feature

If you’re renovating or building a new home, consider adding a seat height foot to your mantel. A ledge makes a perfect little place to sit when you’ve got a big family gathering!

Dark brown living room from Ballard Designs

4. Tuck In Some Ottomans

Single seat ottomans can be easily scattered throughout your home and can be moved around when guests arrive. We like to tuck them under consoles, into corners, and even under side tables.

Use floor cushions when you have extra guests over

5. Fancy the Floor?

Okay, we know offering guests a seat on the floor isn’t ideal, but for really big crowds, a floor cushion is the next best thing, especially for kids. Keep a couple of these in a cabinet or under a coffee table just in case!

An occasional chair is a great way to add extra seating to your room

6. An Ode to the Occasional Chair

We’ve talked about our love of the occasional chair, and if you don’t have one in your room, you need it! An occasional chair is a single chair that brings that something special to a space. In his living room in the Southern Living Idea House, designer Mark Sikes tucked this gorgeous leather armchair in for extra seating. The warm cognac color echoes the color palette, and the location in the room makes it a focal point.

We love when occasional chairs make a statement with a bright pattern, funky shape, or are even a little mismatched. It’s that extra little punch for your room. They don’t have to be big and plush. They’re not meant for reading or kicking back. Look for something with a small footprint but that packs in lots of personality!


Suzanne Kasler used a garden seat as a side table in this living room

7. A Garden Seat

Side tables are crucial for the comfort of your room, but a garden seat is a great little side table that can also be an extra perch.

A slipper chair is an easy way to tuck more seating into your living room because they usually have a smaller footprint

8. Slip in a Slipper Chair

Slipper chairs are great options for tight spaces because they can be tucked in just about anywhere! You don’t need a lot of floor space to work one into your room layout, and they don’t take up a lot of visual weight.


Thank you ballard designs for these great tips!

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