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How to decorate a boy’s bedroom

Create a bright and happy bedroom for the young man in your life. Find inspiring decor and boy's bedroom ideas from some of our favorite spaces that are all boy.

Artsy Inspiration

Searching for a kid-friendly color scheme? Look no further than their artwork! Inspiration for this boy's room came from the dynamic painting hanging on the wall.

Blue walls look great contrasted with a vibrant orange bookshelf and throw blanket, and a few splashes of lime make for a fun color scheme.

Storage for All

Cleaning up after playtime will be a snap with built-in wall storage. Colorful bins and baskets hold everything from art supplies to playing cards.

The lower shelves are great for storing kid-friendly books, toys, and games, while the top shelves are better for items that need parental supervision.

Forest Fun

A nature-inspired bedroom is great for any little boy with a love for the outdoors. To emphasize the tall ceiling, just the tops of the trees poke out above the sunny orange and celery-green paint below.

A mix of wood finishes on the trim and dresser emphasizes the woodsy feeling.

Stripes Galore

There's something about stripes that just seems to scream "boy's room." This room goes all out with stripes of different sizes and colors, but the underlying scheme of blue and off-white ties the whole space together.

The Chameleon of Color

White walls look anything but boring when paired with a bold patterned bedspread and bright accessories. Sunny orange, bright blue, and lime green accents create a lively color scheme.

Crisp white bedroom walls set a neutral backdrop that will pair perfectly with any decorating style as tastes change.

Happy Campers

Wondering what to do when your little one adores flying? Instead of embracing an all-out aviation theme, use neutral colors and furniture to create a sophisticated space and add fun airplane-theme accessories.

A large model airplane hanging above the bed and some adorable airplane throw pillows embrace his love of flying, but the items can be easily replaced as his interests change.

Heavy Metal

A cool metal bunk bed fits perfectly between two walls of shelves in this energetic boys' room. Other metal accents, such as a rolling bookshelf and an industrial-style curtain rod above the window, look modern and masculine.

The shelf-lined walls are perfect for displaying trophies, photos, and sports memorabilia.

Shape Space with Paint

Consider defining an oddly shaped room with a high-contrast paint job. Painting lower walls a bold shade of green while keeping angled walls white makes this attic bedroom look larger than it is.

The classic green-white-blue color combo is easy to coordinate with bedding and accessories.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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