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April 29, 2018
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How to dress for your body type

We believe that fashion is about feeling great in the looks we love.  This guide is here to help you have fun & make the most of everything you’re workin’ with.

The Pear Shape

The name of the game is playing with proportions that elongate the body. Pear shapes look fabulous in statement tops that draw the eye upward and highlight the waist, back, or neckline.

Ready for more good news? Accessories like dramatic necklaces and earrings are your secret weapon.

The Hourglass Shape

The key to dressing an hourglass shape is two-fold: 1) define your waist and 2) show off your lovely lady shape.

You have amazing curves—it’s time to embrace them in body-hugging silhouettes and pieces that hit you in all the right places.

The Apple Shape

When it comes to styling the apple shape—life is sweet!. Apple shapes look best when playing up their full bust, their amazing legs and/or their arms.

In general, silhouettes that don’t rely on a traditional structured waistline are your hardest working pieces.

The Athletic Shape

The key to dressing an athletic is to balance your broad upper half by accentuating your legs and other curves.  It’s all about remembering the athletic shape rule of thumb: Keep the volume on top or bottom.

If you go for an oversized top shape, keep the bottom skinny or structured. With a more form-fitting top, pick a breezy or more oversized pant style.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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