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How to set a dining table

As our lives get busier and faster, it has become imperative for us to incorporate more dedicated, relaxed family time together where we can connect with our loved ones and recharge our souls.   Dining together creates the perfect atmosphere for just this and designing a visually beautiful table sets the mood for your family to feel appreciated and exceptional. Below are some tips to inspire you

Place settings
Let’s start with the basics and that is your place settings. This beautiful guide by ‘The Sunday Fare’ demonstrates how to set a casual, informal or formal place setting


Create a theme
Deciding on a theme will assist you when it comes to choosing your centre arrangements and accent pieces. A couple of trending themes at the moment are botanical, monochromatic and pastels


Table linen
If you have a beautiful wooded dining table and would like to show it off, do so. If not, use a crisp white table cloth or a large piece of fabric to cover your table.


Centre pieces
Rule of thumb here is to try keep your centre pieces just below eye-level as this will stop your guests trying to crane over to converse with each other.


If your chairs are not padded, add some cushions to keep your guest comfortable for longer. Adding a decorative twist to your chairs that tie in with your theme will finish off your table gorgeously


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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