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How to style a coffee table

A Coffee table is the centre of your living room and is an easy place to start with uplifting your room décor,  showing off your individual personality. Below are ideas to assist you in creating a beautiful display

Fresh flowers are always a welcome sight on a coffee table but these can be costly to replace constantly, whereas indoor potted plants can still give a beautiful pop of green and are long lasting

f1Amazing trays
A tray will always group together any smaller bits and make them look more purposeful, rather than just looking like a bunch of random things that have not been put away. If you have many square objects, like books, on your table then contrasting that with an oval or round tray will soften some of those edges.


Varying heights
Varying the height of your objects will always make for a more pleasing display than if everything is the same height. This also goes for the shapes of the objects too so make sure you have got items that are both tall and short as well as items that vary in shape to provide interest in your display. If everything is the same height or shape, your display will look flat to the eye.


A nice candle will always add atmosphere when lit and if you have a scented one, it will make your home smell lovely which is an extra plus

f4Something quirky
Just something a little different or humorous will show off your personality and make your coffee table a little more fun. Adding something a bit quirky will give your table a sense that you don’t take yourself too seriously and can create an interesting talking point for your guests


You can’t go wrong with some pretty coffee table books. Stack them in threes as odd numbers look better in design. One book or a stack of books make a perfect platform for a vase, a candle or other décor items creating height for interest.


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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