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How to transform your outdoor space

Maximize your outdoor lounge time by transforming a backyard space into a relaxing retreat. The best place to start is finding the right seating that not only fits your space, but your lifestyle, too. And that can depend on what you love to do most when you step outside. Depending on your outdoor space, find the perfect outdoor

Covered porches
For outdoor areas in close proximity to your indoor rooms, like covered porches on sunrooms, look for outdoor pieces that echo your indoor pieces which will ease the transition between indoors and out, making your porch or patio feel as comfortable and lived in as any room inside. Look for seating with thick cushions and a versatile style that could just as easily work indoors. As your budget allows, add a variety of accent tables for accommodating food and drinks, a couple of stools for extra pull-up seating and stylish lighting to keep the party going long after the sun goes down.


Poolside spaces
A pool lounger is a must poolside seating for sunning, reading and relaxing. If you have the room, station a pair on either side of the pool so you can chase the rays or shade as the sun changes. No shade? You can add a freestanding umbrella.


Dining al fresco
If you adore entertaining outside, then prioritize your outdoor space by setting up an open-air dining room near your braai or outdoor kitchen. Dining al fresco is an experience best shared with family and friends, so select as large a table as your space will allow. Of course, add cushions for comfort.


Outdoor nooks
Even if you don’t do a lot of outdoor entertaining, it’s still nice to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee or a casual meal with a few friends. Keep it easy and carve out a quiet spot on your lawn for a café table and chairs.


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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