Just keep on walking.

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December 22, 2017
December 23, 2017
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Just keep on walking.

A shoe is part of your body. It symbolizes protection to your foot while walking. It also symbolizes different journeys in life.

If your shoes gets worn out and no longer usable, you would throw it away and get a new pair. But that’s not the case of this Filipino billionaire. Worn out shoes became his greatest avenue to achieve what he has right now.

His success story started in China where he was born. Due to poverty, his entire family left Xiamen, China and followed his father who already owned a small store in Manila, Philippines.

As a 12-year old boy, he has already made a huge sacrifice just to help his family survive. He would work day and night for more than 12 hours a day just to help his father manage their small family business.

But when the Japanese invaded and occupied the Philippines during the World War II, their store was burned down. The country’s economy also collapsed and because of that, his father decided to go back to China.

However, this then young billionaire found an opportunity during the aftermath of the war.

Determined to become successful, he decided to remain in the Philippines and ventured a new opportunity that he knew would reach great result.

He made a lot of buying post-war goods, including shoes, and sell them. And just like that, he later on managed his own shoe store, called Shoe Mart or SM, and earned enough income that allowed him to go to school and study more about business.

After so many criticisms, rejections and all other types of adversities that he went through, one thing became so clear to him: he won’t give in to such negativities.

In 1985, he opened his first mall. And year after year, he was able to expand and open more than 40 SM Stores, including the biggest mall in the country, The SM Mall of Asia.

He also ventured into banking and now owns one of the largest bank institutions, Banco De Oro.

This business tycoon was born on the 25th of October 1924 as Shī ZhìChéng. But in the Philippines, his name dominated in the retail and banking industry, and earned a top spot in Forbes’ wealthiest man in the Philippines.

His name is Henry Sy.

Henry’s life story teaches a person to trust one’s self and continue walking despite the different adversities.

When he was interviewed and featured by Time magazine, Henry said that the 12-year-old him cried when he first arrived in Manila and saw the difficult situation of his father running their small sari-sari store.

It was a huge struggle for him and his entire family. But an opportunity came knocking at his door and welcomed it with courage and perseverance. And because of some worn out shoes, their lives went from rags to riches.

Indeed, you’d never know how far your shoes can go. Just keep on walking.

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