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Lighting trends for the home

Lights do more than just illuminate interiors. They can also be great decorative elements to add style and sophistication to your space.


Offering a striking Mid-century Modern minimalist aesthetic, these pendants aren’t purely for contemporary interiors; their versatility lies in their utter simplicity.


The trend blends vintage with an urban-industrial feel, which makes it adapt to the decor. Coppers and golds add a warm glow, underpinned by a hot sub-trend of brushed metal and matte.


An evolution from the chandeliers. the statement pendant is a wonderfully simple way to add style and personality to your home.


A popular choice that’s sleek and understated yet full of retro personality. Minimalist without being overly modern, these lamps provide warm, subtle light.


This is technology that has become affordable and can now be used as a standard specification in any lighting design. LED Lights reveal the true colours of an object when compared to a natural light source.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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