February 23, 2017
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February 23, 2017
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Loving that Bushveld Wisdom!

“If things don’t turn out the way you like, you have to like the way things turn out!” – Tickie the Tickbird

Yesterday in our radio show and our Ripple Effect virtual mentoring community, we discussed the value of bad experiences in shaping and energising our personal growth. However, learning from our bad experiences is a choice, and requires that we drop certain attitudes and habits, and do something new. It brought to mind a story that I used to listen to as a child from a set of 45” records of stories from the Kruger National Park:

Tickie the tickbird often sat on the back of a male kudu. One day they were talking, and the kudu was lamenting that whenever a lion came and chased the kudus, the males would get their antlers caught up in the low branches of trees, and the lions would then catch them. And since kudus love eating the leaves off trees and shrubs, and were often surrounded by trees, this was a problem.

Tickie, being a wise bird, listened intently to the kudu, empathised with him, and then came up with a piece of wisdom that has stayed with me until this day.

“If things don’t turn out the way you like, you have to like the way things turn out! Which means, you have to make the best of them!” Tickie said.

Just then a lion came streaking across the veld, and the kudu took off. Tickie was on his back, and told the kudu to look up!
“Look up higher! Look up higher!” Tickie shouted.

The kudu looked up, higher and higher. And as he did so, his magnificent antlers lay flat across his shoulders and back. And ever since then, kudus have been able to safely run under bushes by simply tilting their heads back and looking up.

But lets get back to the wisdom. We have to like the way things turn out. That means embracing the challenge, appreciating the learning, and becoming creative in devising solutions. But above all, it means taking ownership of the situation, and doing something, rather than blaming and waiting for it to get better!

What about your current situation do you need to start liking in order to learn?

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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