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July 26, 2016
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Magical Weekend at Hirsch’s

Hirsch’s is all about providing a magical experience to its customers and that is exactly what the Meadowdale branch did, literally. On Saturday, Hirsch Meadowdale hosted a magic show with the very gifted Doran the Magician. Doran is a very talented 13year old magician who is passionate about magic and loves to entertain the audience. In 2013 he was in South Africa’s Got Talent and is frequently on the road performing his tricks to different audiences.

From entertaining the crowd by making a rabbit disappear to making sweets appear, Doran the magician did it all, leaving the audience gob smacked at times.

To add to creating the magical experience Zwilling, Snappy Chef, Bosh and Defy got involved by delivering outstanding food for the audience to snack on while watching the show. As guests entered the store they were greeted with some popcorn from Zwilling. While watching the show the guests also got to snack on some lovely cinnamon flapjacks. After the show Defy prepared some hot dogs for the little ones and Bosch made some lovely mini doughnuts.

The Meadowdale branch certainly delivered in creating the magical experience for its customers and it made the shopping experience all the more fun.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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