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Make your freezer your friend

Shelled nuts kept in individual poly bags and in one big bag. Freezing them prevents the nuts from going rancid.

Decant meals and sauces into plastic tubs or freezer bags, label and freeze.

When the time comes to use the meal or sauce, defrost in the refrigerator, heat thoroughly and stir frequently, whilst heating.

A microwave oven will save a lot of energy when defrosting and reheating many different foodstuffs from the freezer.

Ice cube trays are a great way to freeze small quantities of fresh herbs or sauce, such as pesto, which can then be added to recipes straight from the freezer – perfect to pop into a hot pan with cooked pasta, leftover veggies and any cooked meats that need using up.

Fresh herbs can be frozen and used in soups, sauces or curries. Crumble the herbs and drop straight into whatever you are cooking before they defrost.

Sliced bread is a win stored in the freezer, no more mould, and very easy to whip out a slice for a sandwich or to toast.

Peel and chop bananas and pop into the freezer, use to make smoothies, instant ice cream or banana bread/muffins/cakes.

Strawberries or other berries freeze well to turn into sorbets, coulis, or into the breakfast smoothie.

Freeze raw balls of biscuit dough on a baking tray until solid, then transfer to a freezer bag, remember to label. Alternately roll biscuit dough into a log shape, wrap in plastic wrap and freeze.  Slice from frozen.
Bake as you require from frozen.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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