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Manifesting wealth and abundance

Manifesting wealth and abundance
should be easy.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to
make money or attract wealth.

Having more money makes your life
easier and allows to do many of the
things you want.

But if you don’t have the wealth you want,
if you’re not making the kind of money you
want, if you’re not manifesting wealth and
abundance then you’re simply not sending out the
right messages to make and have more money.

Those messages are your thoughts and beliefs.

And what ever thoughts and beliefs you have
about money and manifesting wealth will become
a part of your life.

I know you may want to make and have more money.
You likely want to enjoy greater wealth so you
can be free to do the things you want.

And you can have as much as you want.

All you have to do is think and believe in a
certain way so that you attract the wealth and
opportunities to help you be wealthy.

Unfortunately most people don’t believe they can
make the kind of money they want and the don’t
believe that they can be wealthy.

Why does this happen?

Well at some point in your life you developed a
negative thinking pattern, the kind that doesn’t
allow you to manifest wealth quickly and easily.

This pattern was planted on your subconscious mind.
Your subconscious creates your life based on the
thoughts and beliefs.

When it comes to manifesting wealth, your
subconscious simply follows your beliefs about wealth.

Negative or limiting beliefs about money
have no purpose… they don’t let you get
ahead or live the life you want and they certainly
won’t let you become wealthy.

Instead, they’ll drive you right to the
poor house or worse…

You need to eliminate or change any negative
beliefs about money even if times are tough or
if there’s a recession.

The truth is people are always making money even when
times are tough.
People are getting new jobs everyday.
Businesses do grow and there are new businesses
formed everyday

So what can you do?

Change your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.
Get rid of them.


Track your thoughts.
When you have a thought that supports those
beliefs change them.
Create a belief that says something like…
It’s Easy to make money
I know how to make more money

Another way is to create affirmations that counter
those negative beliefs about money.
You could say something like… it’s easy to make money.
I know what to do to make millions.
I’m doing the right things to make money now.

Focus on what you want.
Regularly think about building wealth.
Constantly search for new ways to make more money.
Feed your mind positive thoughts and create
positive beliefs about making and building wealth quickly and easily

Wishing you continued success…

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.