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Money Blocks

If you’re trying to make, have or get more money
but just can’t seem to make any progress, then you
likely have what I call “money blocks” planted
on your subconscious mind.

The stronger the money blocks, the longer
they’ve been on your subconscious mind, the
harder it gets to make, get or have more money.

Money blocks are negative beliefs and negative
thoughts about money. And they’ll prevent you
from getting more money, regardless of how hard you try.

These money blocks have to be removed – the sooner
you do that the sooner you’ll start getting more money.

Here’s an example

Recently I met up with my old friend Lisa.

After we got caught up she told me she was
really struggling when it came to money.
She wanted to make, have or get more money
but just wasn’t getting anywhere.

“I can’t make more. I’ve tried everything.
I just can’t make more money.” She said.

Lisa really needed to make more money soon

She’s been going through a tough divorce,
lost her job at the start of the year and was working
part time. She has 2 kids to care for and was really
struggling to make ends meet.

She needed to get into an new home or
find a good apartment.
She had to get a car so she get her kids
to school on time.
She had to feed her kids and pay their health
insurance bills.
She had a list of things she needed the money for.
She didn’t need more to live the good life, she
just needed to make more money to be able to
build a life for her and her children.

But despite all the setbacks there was really
only one thing stopping her from making more
money – her own limiting beliefs about being
able to make money.

Lisa fully believed that she couldn’t make anymore
money. As we talked further we found out that she
thought it was hard to make more money and that
she really didn’t think and believe that she knew
how to make more money.

And so she never made more. She would get temporary
jobs and then the contract would end. This had
been going on for some time with big gaps
between jobs. She believed that’s just the way it is.

After a long conversation, Lisa finally realized
that she had a number of negative beliefs about money.
She also discovered that these negative beliefs
were preventing her from making more money.

I explained how these beliefs get planted on her
subconscious and that her subconscious just
followed her beliefs, making sure she didn’t make
more money – because she believed she couldn’t.

Lisa started working with some techniques I shared
with her. At first she resisted, thinking they wouldn’t
work and that she was just wasting her time. But I
asked her to have some fun and just see what would happen.
She changed her approach and worked with my material..

There were times when she felt like giving up and
almost quit. I urged her to continue and trust that
things would work out. That was hard for her to do, but
after a while she let go of her doubts and fears and
started to apply the exercises I gave her everyday.

That was back in March.

Recently I got a call from Lisa, her mood was completely
different. She was upbeat and excited. She had landed a
permanent job that was paying her 30 percent more than
what she had been making at her temporary jobs.

Her pay would be re-evaluated every year and she had
performance bonuses that would increase her salary.
She also was close to home so she could take care of her
kids and not waste hours commuting.

The divorce was still going on but Lisa could
see a light at the end of the tunnel. She got rid of those
negative beliefs and now fully believed that she could make
more money and she would always be able to make more.

Lisa turned things around by working with her power, her
subconscious mind and applying the exercises I shared with her.

We all have negative beliefs about money which prevent
us from making the kind of money we want and need.

Even one negative belief about money can really ruin your life.

Lisa had a belief that said she couldn’t make more money.
That’s what almost destroyed her life.
Fortunately she got rid of that belief and turned
things around.

Do you have a negative belief about money
that’s holding you back?

If you don’t have as much money as you want
then you’ve probably got a number of negative beliefs
about money that are holding you back.
You need to get rid of them before they make life harder.
The sooner you get rid of them.
Those negative beliefs that sit on your subconscious mind
get stronger and stronger. They’re the real blocks that prevent
you from making and having the money you need to enjoy life.

The sooner you remove them the sooner you’ll start making
and having more money.

You may want to buy a new home, get a new car, take
a nice vacation, grow your business, or secure some
money for retirement. Whether you want to make a thousand
dollars more or a million dollars more you have to get rid
of those negative money beliefs. Otherwise you won’t make
more money, and you’ll end up losing what ever you have.

Lisa got rid of her negative beliefs about money and she
turned her life around.

If Lisa can do it so can you.
Yes you can.
You have the power – now start using it so that
you enjoy life and have as much money as you want or need.
Wishing you tremendous wealth and success…

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