Motivation by Jocelyn Wayne

September 5, 2019
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September 5, 2019
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Motivation by Jocelyn Wayne

What you’re seeking is waiting for you. 
It may seem like it will never get to you. 
But it will show up in your life fast once you do these three things …

1 – Focus on what you want and not “the wanting’ of it. 

If you think or say, “One day I will …” it will never come to you because it will always be a distant future “one day.” If you say or think, “I want more money” the universe is going to give you more wanting. Instead think, act, feel and believe it is already a reality. And the universe will start bringing it your way. 

2 – Imagine what it will feel like when you have it? 

What will it feel like? What will it look like? What will it sound like? How will your life be different? When you hold the emotions of the thing you want, the thing you want will show up way faster. This is how you connect your vibrational mind to the universe to attract what you want. It must live inside you to show up to you. 

3 – Align your vibrational mind with the gifts the universe has waiting for you. 

When you are aligned, you attract. This is a longer topic than a short email. So jump on over to this video where I have my friend and transformation expert, Croix Sather explain it in detail so that you can become a manifestation magnet. 

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Jocelyn Wayne
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