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September 26, 2018
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Motivation by Karim Hajee


Here’s how to get rid of negative thinking
and any negative thoughts that are holding you back.

You’ll always have some negative thoughts and
these negative thoughts can have a negative
impact on your life, on how you feel and on
how you go about your day.

Today I’m giving you some simple tips to help you
get rid of those negative thoughts so that you
end up with more energy, more confidence, less
fear and start achieving your goals, read on

Getting rid of negative thinking is crucial to your
well being, your quality of life,  your mental health and
your overall well being

By now most of your negative thinking is automatic and
You likely don’t even realize you have some of these
Negative thoughts that are now holding you back.

These are the kinds of negative thoughts that automatically
pop into your head everyday and they’re slowly wearing you down.

Many of these negative thoughts were likely handed
to you by other people like friends, family members,
co-workers, colleagues, teachers and even strangers.

You just picked up on them and accepted them. After
a while they became beliefs which are now planted on
your subconscious mind.

You don’t realize it but the negative thinking that you’re
so used to is making your life harder and harder.

That’s because your subconscious creates your life based
on what you think and believe. It sees your thoughts and
beliefs as instructions. It then creates your life based on your
instructions (thoughts and beliefs). Your life will always
be a mirror of what you think and believe.

When you have too many negative thoughts and negative
beliefs you’ll get down on yourself, feel like you can’t get ahead,
tend to give up before you ever get started, and you’ll
feel like life is getting harder and harder. And the longer
these negative thoughts play in your mind and subconscious
mind the worse it will get.

So you need to get rid of them. You need to remove the
negative thoughts and negative beliefs so that you allow yourself
to succeed and live the kind of life you want to live

These negative thoughts usually start with a simple thought and
then they spread; each negative thought attracting another
negative thought, then another until they consume your mind.

After a while you believe these negative thoughts and think that’s
just the way life is and there’s nothing you can do about it.

That belief gets stronger over time and your subconscious forces you
to take actions that allow those beliefs to shape your life.

Here are some examples of common, everyday negative thoughts and
beliefs that can really make your life more and more difficult if they continue
to play in your mind and remain on your subconscious.

It’s hard to (– achieve a goal)
I don’t know how
I can’t
I’m not good enough
I’m not smart enough
Life is hard
You always have to struggle
There are no good men/women
It’s a bad time
And so on…

These are just some common negative thoughts tied to negative beliefs
that play in your mind and live on your subconscious mind. As long as
they’re around, life will get harder and harder. You’ll want to give up and
feel like you just can’t get ahead.

The negative thinking makes it harder for you to achieve your goals, succeed or
get what you want in life.

Negative thoughts and negative beliefs will make harder for you to
make more money, to get that right job, they make it harder for you to
meet the right person, grow your business or enjoy life.
If you don’t get rid of the negative thoughts they’ll keep destroying your life.

There’s no room for them and you need to get rid of the negative thinking.

So let’s get rid of them.

Think about something you want or a specific goal you’d like to achieve.

Then track your thoughts.
When you get a negative thought see how quickly another one pops into your head.

You might hear yourself saying something like:
I can’t or I don’t know how or I’m not good enough. You may hear all
there at the same time. Or you might have another negative thought
soon after.  And then another.

Before you know it you feel like giving up or you talk yourself out of
doing what you really want to do.

That’s how negative thinking destroys your life.

You believe the negative thoughts.
You think that’s just the way life is.
Those negative thoughts get planted on your subconscious mind.
Your subconscious mind simply create your life based on what
you think and believe.

When you have negative thoughts and negative beliefs sitting on
your subconscious mind you end up struggling, you don’t get what you
want, you don’t meet the right people, you don’t make more money, you
lose your confidence and you don’t make the right choices.

Your power can’t work for you because of all the negative energy
that’s getting in the way.

That’s why you make the wrong choices, you meet the wrong people,
you lose money, or you can’t save it, you don’t get the job you
want and it keeps going on and on.

And it will get worse and worse unless you stop the negative thinking.

You have to break the negative thinking cycle.
You have to remove the negative thoughts and negative beliefs that are
sitting on your subconscious. You have to direct your subconscious
to bring you what you want and get them to work FOR YOU instead of against you.
So take charge today, turn things around and get rid
of the negative thinking that’s destroying your life

Once you take control of your subconscious mind and
direct your power you can tell it to bring you
what ever you want.
But you have to give it clear instructions.
You have to send your subconscious mind the
right instructions.

All that negative thinking, all that
worry, all that fear, sends the wrong
instructions to your subconscious mind.
It confuses your power so it can’t do what you want.
Instead of getting your subconscious and your
powers to  bring you what you want you’re telling them
to bring you more negative situations,
more for you to worry about and create more fear.

Here’s how you can turn things around:

Think about what you want.
And if you have any doubt, fear or
negative thoughts come up then you’re not
sending the right instructions to
your subconscious mind.

You need to get rid of those negative thoughts.
You need to get rid of the doubt and fear.

Your subconscious is super powerful.
It’s connected to God and your higher power.
It will bring you anything you ask, you just
have to ask the right way.
You just have to give it the right instructions.
So today take charge and get your subconscious and 
all your powers to bring you exactly what you want. 
Give them the right instructions so you stop worrying,
so you make more money, so you make the right choices,
so you meet the right people, so you have more
confidence and know that you will succeed

The only reason you have so many negative thoughts
that stop you from enjoying the life you want is because
you haven’t taken control of your subconscious mind.
You’re not working with your power.
No one has ever showed you how to get rid of the negative
thoughts and negative beliefs. No one ever showed you
how to direct your subconscious mind and work with
your power so that they bring you what you want.

Today that changes.
Today you take charge.
Today you begin working with your power.
Today you give your power the right instructions.
Today you get your power to bring you
exactly what you want.

Wishing you tremendous success..

Sent with love


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