July 18, 2019
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July 18, 2019
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Did you ever wonder why some people are rich while others are not?

Growing up I was often told that the rich are just lucky, that we have to work hard to be rich and money doesn’t come easy. 

I was also told that the rich are just smarter than me. 

I believed all of those statements and as I started my adult life I quickly realized I wanted to be rich or at least richer than I was. 

Having more money during those early years sure would have helped and so I started doing everything I could to make more money. 

However, working harder, longer and trying to get promotions just wasn’t helping me get rich. Sure, I had a little more money but not a lot, certainly not enough to be rich. 

Everything changed when I met some really rich people, I mean extremely rich – the kind that owned penthouses and brownstones in Manhattan. 

During some great conversations they explained that being rich really starts with having the right mindset and that when someone has a wealth mindset, when they think and believe that they can make as much money as they want or need, they will. 

The challenge is to create that mindset so you make and have more money. 

So I got to work. I analyzed my thoughts and beliefs about money and discovered that those beliefs which said the rich are lucky, that we have to work harder to have more money and that money doesn’t come easy were really holding me back and preventing me from making and having more money. 

If you want to make and have more money and you’re just not able to then you also have some negative thoughts and negative beliefs about money. 

After doing some more research I discovered that our beliefs are picked up by our subconscious mind which sees our beliefs as instructions on how to create and shape your life. 

So if we think and believe that it’s hard to make and have more money our subconscious will just make it harder and harder for us to have more money. 

In some cases, depending on how strong the negative beliefs about money are we could end up losing the money we have. 

For years I struggled to make and have more money. 

My financial situation finally changed after I too control of my thoughts and beliefs about money. It took a few years because no one showed me just how to go about changing my money mindset. No one showed me how to create a money mindset so it just took me a long time. 

You don’t have to struggle to figure it out. Because you can create the right mindset to make and have more money thanks to a simple and powerful method I developed to plant the right money beliefs on your subconscious mind. 

Now should you decide not to make the changes and choose to hold on to your negative thoughts and negative beliefs about money then things will likely get worse. That’s because your those negative money thoughts and negative money beliefs will only get stronger. 

You need to get rid of them now so you can start making and have more money

The steps I share with you are simple and easy to follow. They helped me go from barely making ends meet to creating a fortune. They’ve also helped thousands of people just like you make and have more money – a lot more. 

The key is to follow these steps and get your subconscious mind to help you make and have more money. 

So if you have any desire to make, have and attract more money then you need to program your subconscious mind to make make sure you have more.

Wishing you tremendous wealth and success,


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.