Motivation by Karl Moore

July 4, 2019
July 5, 2019
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Motivation by Karl Moore

Japanese author Marie Kondo recently rose to fame by writing a book on tidying up.

In it, she advised that you go through everything in your home and ask yourself one simple question.

“Does this bring me joy?”

If it doesn’t, she says, get rid of it. Just throw it out, or donate it. And do this with EVERYTHING.

She argues that we often surround ourselves with objects that hold us in the past. She says it’s about what brings YOU joy, not others. And she advises not to have regrets (ie, “I haven’t worn this yet” or “I just might need this in 5 years”), because the item did provide joy at some point.

Again, the rule is simple:

If it doesn’t bring you joy, you get rid of it

Initially, it just sounds like a way of organizing stuff.

But when you start to do it, something profound happens.

You start to realize that by eliminating clutter from your physical world, you begin to eliminate it from your mental world too.

You free up your space and your mind. You begin letting go of the joyless “baggage” you hold on to. You start living more in the present, and improve your wellbeing tenfold.

What began as a simple organization exercise ends up as a much, much deeper journey.

And it all starts with a simple question…

“Does this bring me joy?”

Try going through your clothes wardrobe, or bedroom cupboards this weekend, and apply the rule. See what happens. And if the process brings you joy, do it some more.
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