Motivation by William P

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Motivation by William P


Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a
millionaire? Or maybe not a millionaire, but 
wondered what they can do to attract into their
lives the happiness that they want, whether it be
in relationships, money or whatever else they see
as satisfying. Changing one’s life is consisted of
only three things; having a desire, changing one’s
mindset, and taking action on the desires and

Desire being the first and foremost step to
changing one’s life is the most important of all
the steps. 

Since no man or woman will ever change
their lives or even have it occur to them that
they need do a change without having a desire to
change first. American’s look down on those who
were unfortunate and lost everything or those who
never had anything and don’t want anything.
However, those people in those situations rarely
have a desire to change their predicament or they

Maybe the humbling effect of being looked
down upon killed their spirit and say within
themselves that they are not worthy of a change.
On the other hand, those that have succeeded and
are spoken about with high regard have had a
strong desire to do so. 

For instance, Warren Buffett since he was a child longed
to be rich. According to his biography he saved his 
money along with his friend and bought up self-service
machines which returned to them more money. His
strong desire to work with Ben Graham drove him to
move to New York from Omaha, and work with his
mentor. Buffett a nobody from Omaha, Nebraska rose
up from obscurity and through desire decided to
stake a claim for him in today’s society. Now he
is well known around the world. What can be
achieved if everyone had a strong desire to be
what they wished to be when they were young, or
what they dreamed when daydreaming was their only
thoughts? Where would this world be if everyone
harnessed the power within themselves which is

Once a person desires a thing, they often find
themselves thinking about it all the time. The
average person desired a member of the opposite
sex and found them thinking about that person
sometimes without even trying to. The thoughts of
how to be with that person and be near that person
consumes them.

Eventually, whether one knows it or not the opportunity that
they wanted will come. Their desires and thoughts will cause
the nature to bring it to them. As the old scripture say’s
“If you seek, you shall find it”, so is life. When
one’s mind seeks a solution there comes to it an
answer. Just being conscious of the answer and
thinking oneself to be worthy of the answer, is
what determines if someone acts on those thoughts.

Lastly, taking action is what must be done to
change one’s life and be happy. Anybody can have a
desire to change, think about changing, pray about
changing, and even believe they will change.
However, as one of the Greatest Apostle’s said
“Faith without works is dead”. That meaning it is
unreasonable to think there is going to be life in
desire and thoughts alone. There must be a work,
or an action to show that they believe that they
can change their lives. 

What must be done to change one’s life?

What must humanity do and take action on to change
the world? 

Only the individual knows what they have to do. This article
is a call to action. This is everyone’s challenge today,
which is to take action on the desires and
thoughts that have filled them. (As long as their
desires and thoughts fall in line with society’s
standards and/or biblical standards) Everyone
should make a decision to be who they wish to be,

Desire, thought, and taking action is what is
needed to change lives. It’s not rocket science.
Many will look at this and think they knew that
already, but they did. Life is not complicated.
The answers are almost always staring a person in
the face, but they must see it. Sometimes they
need to look at the trees and not always the
forest. Having a desire, thinking thoughts, and
taking action will change the world we all live in
and change the future.

So what will you desire today?
What are your thoughts about it?
And will you take action?

Sent with Love,


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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