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Patio Decor Ideas for home

When it comes to patio décor ideas, designers agree on one simple tip for spring: Bring the indoors out. In some cases, that means being inspired by the way you might lay out, furnish, and accessorize an indoor room when styling an outdoor space.

Al Fresco

Outdoor living spaces lend themselves to becoming a great extension of the main house for either a relaxing evening spot with your loved ones or an entertaining space for the weekends.

Lounge Around

A long outdoor sofa or large chaise offers cozy, family room–like places to lounge in the fresh air.

Light it up

Place lanterns on the dining table with a couple candles inside, and they’ll throw soft, flattering light on your dining guests.

Mix 'n Match

Give your existing pieces a facelift by bringing some of your indoor textiles outside for an upcoming gathering or party. Keep it tonal, and mix and match patterns within a specific color to give it a casual and summery vibe.

Keep it versatile

Designer Leanne Ford offers her take on how to accommodate impromptu entertaining just in time for outdoor dining season.

Hang out

Add pendants to your tree or even market lights around your patio to give your outdoor space that elevated look.

Keep it organic

To avoid competing with the natural beauty of the outdoors, try incorporating organic elements such as stained wood, cotton, and linen, which blend in best.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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